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  1. Mopar's "Version 2" Steel Front Bumper

    They sell it, but it's an accessory part only (doesn't come factory on the Jeep) and is more expensive than the 3-piece steel one.
  2. Confirmation of rear differential type

    a little hard to tell with the skid plate, but that appears to be the M200 (new version of Dana 35). Give-away is the shape around the weld spots. on the 200, it's rounded and the 220 is more U shaped
  3. How many use a screen protector on the display screen?

    I installed the one linked below shortly after buying in April. No bubbles, it's held up great. My only complaint would be that it does have some glare, but it's not too bad.
  4. Factory Torque Specs vs. Clayton Overland Lift Torque Specs

    The factory specs call for torquing to a spec (103ft/lb) then turning the wrench by a certain degree more (50 degrees) thus torquing further. I bet if you measured torque after applying the factory spec, it'd probably be pretty close to the torque suggested by Clayton.
  5. Quiz: name this trim piece...bonus poing for Mopar illustration

    I think that's the bottom half of the post things that hold the floor mats in Part B here
  6. OEM front hook replacements to Shackle Mounts?
  7. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    Here's my entry, these could really help with the 120F+ days next summer.
  8. Texas WTB Bar from rear soft window
  9. So what is underneath my Jeep?

    The D44 M220 is standard equipment, but is replaced by the M200 when you get the automatic transmission (unless you get the Limited Slip rear, diesel engine, High-Altitude trim, or a Rubicon). So since you have a gas-auto sport w/o LSD. You have the M200
  10. Can't Find A Bumper

    I too like the look of the dual-tube bumpers, but don't like how they are now usually really thin tubing that is softer than plastic. That said, I haven't seen any that support fogs and a winch. You could get the winch one, and add a couple round fog lights on top like the TJ used to have
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I think your bumper is actually the "mid-width" Mopar Off-road bumper, which came out after the one with the removable ends, but is put on as an accessory.
  12. 4LO Power

    Isn't that kind of the point of 4LO, to get the engine higher into the power band at lower speeds. In 1st gear. the trans is 4.71:1, in 4HI - 1:1, axel is always 4.10:1 So engine turning 1000 RPMs (1000/4.71/1/4.10) is ~52 RPMs on the tires in 4LO (1000/4.71/4/4.10) ~13 RPMs at the tires...
  13. wheel frustrations

    When considering poke, you have to also consider wheel width, not just offset. The stock 7.5" wide wheels @ +44mm would have the same backspacing as 8.5" +30mm (~6" backspace) but the new wheels are ~1"wider, so they'd stick out ~1" further. Stock wheels 17x7.5+44 are about 8.5" wide overall...
  14. Northridge4x4's 12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAYS Starts Now!

    Awesome giveaway, good luck everyone @Northridge4x4 Under $100, I could use a way to mount my fire extinguisher, like the Bartact:
  15. Body Armor JL-2965 bumper question

    2x2 means it has 2 row of 2 lights (4 LEDS) These are typically 3" diagonal in size
  16. RUBICON Lift Less than 2 inches - options without going spacers ?

    Rusty Megois (founder of Rusty's Off Road) is pretty active on facebook, If you're on there he'd probably be happy to answer questions
  17. Limp mode after engine pressure clean

    Power washing and steam cleaning are very different. Steam cleaning should not be a problem, it's not high pressure. Power washing an engine is a bad idea. The connecters are designed to be water resistant, but 1200-1600 PSI of pressure is going to force water through those seals.
  18. 2.0 boost - when & what controls boost

    As far as how the ECU reads boost pressure and controls it, that comes for the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensor. But I think part of what you may be confusing is whether the turbo is making boost or not. A turbo is different from a supercharger in that the amount of pressure is not...
  19. Just Stone Me: Any way to turn ESS ON when I want?

    I haven't tested it to be sure, but it's happened twice to me now. If, form the engine running, I shift to Neutral and power the jeep off, with my foot on the brake, it puts me straight into accessory mode without having to press the power button twice. That should keep Bluetooth active and...
  20. New full page ads problem

    In the past few days I've been noticing "full-page" ads that pop up occasionally when navigating to other pages (typically when I click the "What's New" page). Mostly, navigating on mobile, they appear full-page and I click an X to dismiss. On a PC, I've had one that was a mobile sized ad with...