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  1. Jeepers unite to extract Jeep stuck on cliff of a bike trail

    I'd say the driver forfeited any say in that outcome.
  2. Soft top storage

    How much room above the hooks do you need for the soft top to fit?
  3. How Can We Help?

    Thank you Benny. Is there a code available for this?
  4. How Can We Help?

    I just installed a soft top on my JLU. Is there a storage bag for the windows when the top is down?
  5. I haven't waxed since last April

    I've had mine almost two years and have never waxed it or washed by hand. I've taken it through an automatic car wash about five times. I'd rather do other things.
  6. Seeking guidance for installing Racor hoist

    I am looking at a similar setup, using the Topsy brackets for the rear window. Where did you find the Racor lift? Having trouble locating them. I have pretty low ceilings (7'4"), with the freedom panels in the storage on the platform, how close to the ceiling can you get the rack? What is...
  7. Will 2020 soft top fit a 2018?

    I have my answer. Finally found photos of the box in the back of a JLU. Looks like there is a lot of clearance, so the slight tilt of my rear seats shouldn't be an issue.
  8. Will 2020 soft top fit a 2018?

    Thank you. I was almost certain, but haven't been following these threads much lately to see of any potential changes. My big question now, if I meet someone to buy a top in the box, will it fit in my JLU if the rear seats don't quite lay flat. How much clearance is there normally?
  9. Will 2020 soft top fit a 2018?

    I know the answer should be yes, but wasn't sure if there had been any modifications to the tops or the Wranglers since the first year JLs that I need to be aware of. And as a followup, I added the 1-inch blocks to tilt the rear seat angle and now they don't lay perfectly flat. How close does...
  10. New York FS: 18-20 Wrangler JL/Gladiator Parts

    Do you have or expect to get a soft top for a JLU?
  11. Connecticut FS: Premium Twill Soft Top

    Is this available? Where are you located?
  12. Android Auto. Anyone with the update?

    Have you tried different USB cables? I had three, of varying lengths, but only the shortest (12 inches) plugged into the front panel, would work. Neither longer ones or inside the center console would work. I remember reading last year that shorter, higher quality cables were needed.
  13. Protecting doors from idiots door dinging you?

    Exactly. People need to grow the hell up.
  14. Best way to hold your phone ( besides your hand )...

    How is the angle for the base? Do you need to be able to adjust it with the MagicMount, or would a magnetic mount directly on the Savidicar base directly face the driver? I see this MagicMount that is flush, but with stronger magnets:
  15. Best way to hold your phone ( besides your hand )...

    Two and a half old farts. I use Android Auto. Plug phone in to front AUX port and leave phone down in the groove in front of shifter at the base of the front console. Just need the google maps and I'm happy.
  16. Roof rack for kayaks?

    Has anyone found a good front tie down point for JLU Sport with plastic bumper? I thread a strap down with a hook down in front of the headlights to a hole in the frame. I'd rather have something more accessible. I am considering tying a rope around the frame in this area, leaving a loop to...
  17. JL Soft Top Add-On Questions

    Don't forget to check the Exterior Parts of the Member Marketplace. You may find the same top for cheaper from a forum member.
  18. Roof rack for kayaks?

    I use Yakima 1A raingutter towers with 58" crossbars and Bow Down folding kayak racks. I carried three kayaks on a 500 mile trip on the interstate at 75 mph. Roof creaked a bit, but no problem. I mount the front rack 6" from the front edge of the raingutter on the main roof (not freedom...
  19. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    Can you provide the height and width of the uprights and the spacing between? I am thinking about building something like this. I don't have wall space for hanging, and mine is a daily driver so the doors always go back on at the end of the day. This would allow me to roll the doors out to it...
  20. Double-honk when locking JL from door handle button?

    I turned off all the honk/light-flashing stuff. All just annoying.