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  1. Weld On Slider Options
  2. DEF Usage

    Guess you gotta drive the jeep a bunch now. Sounds like a good problem to have!
  3. Did they really do anything ?

    2nd this ^ I called them 5 min before closing with a flat tire asking what time the next day they had available and they told me to bring it right over and they'll take care of it. They volunteered to stay open late to get me a new tire on the car that day. Every interaction I've had has been...
  4. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    I have a 2021 diesel rubicon. I dont have the noise in 4h or 4lo, with or without offroad+ active. I'm also not using a taser to disable anything. I do hear the noise when I activate select speed control. First time I tried it was out of curiosity to see how it would behave. Heard a weird noise...
  5. Throttle enhancers

    I dont have any add on throttle enhancer but I found it interesting how significant the change is from being in 2H vs 4H with off road+ activated. If only we could have that throttle response active in 2H.
  6. Selec-Speed Control vs Hill-Descent Control (Solved)

    My 2021 diesel rubicon has SSC. I have the advanced safety group, and the Diesel was only available with the part time Tcase.
  7. Low fuel warning

    I filled up 15.33 gal yesterday and the light was on for a few miles. I normally don't run it until the light comes on but the other time I did was 15.56 gal. So I think there's probably a little more than 2 gal when the light comes on.
  8. Turbo Temperatures (for those monitoring)

    I've wondered this myself and I think the idling to let the turbo cool was from the engineers and ESS was required/"strongly encouraged" for mpg.
  9. Oil Change...debacle

    Hmmm I don't remember reading that in my 2021 manual. 21 doesn't have a diesel supplement, they added it to the regular book. I'll have to see if I can find it. Thanks for posting that! Edit: It is in there. Page 380 of the 2021 manual if anyone cares.
  10. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    I felt the same way but thought it was all in my head.
  11. Oil Change...debacle

    Can you elaborate on this? Is there something specific to draining the 3.0 that I'm missing?
  12. 3.0 L EcoDiesel Air Filter R&R

    I popped mine off without undoing any coolant hoses. I remember it wasn't as easy as other vehicles I own but didn't have to remove anything else.
  13. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    Looks great!!
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What's different about the 2021 rear camera?
  15. what causes an active regen to stop prematurely?

    Maybe putting it in park stops it then? I don't have a gauge yet to check this so I'll leave it up to someone else.
  16. Lots of Good Reviews, those Bad Ones though....

    I agree with both of these. Ordered my diesel, got exactly what I wanted, no haggling, and cheaper than taking one off the lot. I'm not sure if the diesel will be problem free for me but I couldn't be happier with my decision.
  17. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    I have a 2021 that I took delivery of in September. Changed my fluid out at 4600 miles to clean out any metal shavings and there were quite a few. The sensors looked the same as all the others poster here so I dont think mine has a later revision. That said, I didn't have any oil in mine so it's...
  18. Winch Mount for Plastic Bumper

    Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it.
  19. Advanced Safety Group question

    I doubt it's an easy add later if even possible. I didn't want it when I was ordering mine. I wanted the auto high beams which forced me into both safety packages. I dont regret getting it and I'd probably get it again, but I don't see it as a deal breaker. I think the adaptive cruise is more...