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  1. 4XE Mopar Extended Warranty?

    Dang, I feel like I’m getting ripped now! And you have Geico as well? I’ve got my wife’s edge and our house through them as well and have never filed a claim. I wonder why mine is double what yours is.
  2. 4XE Mopar Extended Warranty?

    For what it’s worth, I have Geico auto insurance. They have what’s called mechanical break down insurance and it’s extraordinarily cheap at $12/month for my 2020. I’m sure other companies have something similar. You can add it to any vehicle you purchase new within 15 months, 15,000 miles I...
  3. LED Aux Light Integrated Front Skid Plate Concept

    Definitely waiting for this to come out!
  4. Rugged ridge HD bumper skid plate

    You are the man! Thanks a bunch! I am definitely sold.
  5. Rugged ridge HD bumper skid plate

    Awesome, I appreciate all of your insight. Is there a thread somewhere about this light bar they’re making? That sounds pretty neat. I like that it would be dual purpose in my case.
  6. Rugged ridge HD bumper skid plate

    Is that the only purpose they serve? I have read before about people cutting them off, but I’ve been trying not to do anything permanent for when I return it back to stock and sell it down the road. But if they serve no purpose other than for rubicon’s, I might just do away with them.
  7. Rugged ridge HD bumper skid plate

    I recently installed the stubby HD bumper on my jl and am very happy with how it looks. The only thing I’m not thrilled about is the parts that extend downward off the frame. They look like walrus tusks to me. I knew they’d be there, but didn’t realize how noticeable they’d be from the sides...
  8. Looking for this graphic for a JL

    My wife has a lot of school stuff going on tonight but she said she can do it tomorrow no problem!
  9. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    Purchased this winch last time it was on sale. My rugged ridge bumper arrived yesterday so I got everything on today. If the winch was any bigger it would not have fit on this bumper without elongating the winch mount holes because of how close to the grille it is. I’m happy with the way it...
  10. Differential oil change

    I cannot say for sure, but I’m pretty positive I’ve read about other people on this forum using it with no additive needed. Maybe Rhinebeck will be more help.
  11. Differential oil change

    FWIW I run Mobil 1 75w140 synthetic and it also has the required additive for my limited slip d44. I’ve changed it 2 or 3 times so far and have had no issues with it.
  12. Iowa 0.75-1.5" lift recommendation

    If you’ve got a Sahara, your best and most economical route is to go with a take off rubicon suspension in my opinion. It would give you the 1-1.5” you’re looking for and a low mileage set of springs/shocks can be found for $100-150 usually. It would also be a true spring lift vs a spacer...
  13. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    Here are a couple pictures of my Saint Bernard puppy in the Jeep. Rides in the Jeep are probably his favorite thing. He does go to the offroad park with us some of the time and doesn’t mind it at all. He’s generally pretty lazy and has plenty of room to sleep in the back when he doesn’t have...
  14. Understanding the ECU 101..:or how im getting over 20mpg on 37’s

    Thanks, I appreciate the help. I tried getting the TSB done back in October but go figure, they “couldn’t hear it.” Even though all it was a pcm reflash. Just called a different dealer and they said they’d do it even though it doesn’t make the noise in the winter time. Thanks for getting me...
  15. Diesel Sahara (Peasant Trim) Build

    Gonna look great with the lift! What bumper did you have on your jk?
  16. Understanding the ECU 101..:or how im getting over 20mpg on 37’s

    This is all very informative, thank you for sharing. Question for you. Are you familiar at all with the “spark knock” issue with the 3.6l wranglers? Not sure if it’s a thing in the gladiators or not. I’ve got a 2020 JLU 3.6 auto, and get spark knock in the summer time when, for example, I’m...
  17. ASFIR Engine & Transmission Skid Plate Install on a 2020 Jeep JL Unlimited Rubicon 3.6 L Automatic - Install Video

    Awesome video! Thanks a lot. This was a skid plate option I didn’t know existed! Really appreciate the install and also correction of the original install!
  18. LOD Signature series rock sliders

    Much appreciated. I was gonna try and elongate them with a regular battery powered drill but knew that was going to be a pain. My uncle works at a machine shop, so he is going to do it for me when he gets a free minute. Hopefully I get it back soon and can finish the install. What did you...
  19. LOD Signature series rock sliders

    Awesome, thanks a lot for the suggestions. Gonna give it another try today. Elongating the holes was going to be my next crack at it so I’m glad it worked out for you.
  20. LOD Signature series rock sliders

    Had some trouble installing the signature series sliders today. Drivers side went on perfectly fine with no issues whatsoever. When I got the passenger side up and over the body mount washers, I noticed the center mount of the slider sits about 1/4-1/2” away from the frame, while the other two...