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  1. front sag

    I just did a leveling kit 2 inches up front. 1.5 inches in the rear. front: arb bumper, winch and lights - 260lbs Rear: roof rack, rear bumper, tailgate reinforcement, gear - 270lbs Sides: side steps 130lbs total weight: 660lbs. Still havent swapped my stock springs and im on 34s lool no rub...
  2. Does weight matter?

    honestly, moving from 32 inch to 34 inch tires was barely noticeable on the dana 35. Stability actually improved due to track width thats mostly due to -6 negative Wheel offset. I added 30lbs per wheel. Biggest impact for me(everyone is different) Is my front bumper setup at 260lbs including...
  3. Does weight matter?

    Its matters on the overall dynamics of the vehicle. I don't want to repeat what everyone else has said above but the most noticeable change is that you require more pressure to brake and turning stability. I have about 750lbs of load over stock with no passengers on any given day and its...
  4. Single click when turning right on cold start

    Anyone? lol It doesn't sound like the type of clicking noise from the ball joints issue which everyone else is having because this seems more like a hard click than some "wiggle click" if that makes any sense.
  5. Extra weight on stock suspension

    This is probably how much lift you need in order to run that amount of weight in the front without sagging. You will probably need a 1 or 1.5 inch front spacer lift to level things out.
  6. Extra weight on stock suspension

    U wanna talk weight on front end? This is my sahara on 1.5 inch teraflex spacers with 34s lol. i have winch, full bumper and lights. I sagged 1.5 inches but it rides cushy as hell now. Total front end weight 230lbs
  7. Teraflex vs. Rubicon TakeOff

    if ur rubi is ur end game then get the take offs. If not, get the teraflex spacers.
  8. Single click when turning right on cold start

    added a video. Hopefully somebody can give some insight
  9. Ive just got the Snorkel Kit from Mopar

    What is SOT and what do you mean by folding down the windows?
  10. Single click when turning right on cold start

    I got a 2019 JLU with 7k miles on the ODO. Only offroad twice thus far nothing of serious flex. These few months since March, i’ve noticed a single click when turning right only from a cold start. Only ever clicks once on a right turn and then goes away for the rest of the ride. Seems really...
  11. Old Man Emu Lift Kit for JL

    What size tires you running?
  12. A lot of JL bumper questions!

    ARB imo has one of the best if not best final coating process. I’ve known people with ARB bumpers that are used thoroughly in the most rigorous terrains without any signs of rust (not even surface rust) for more than 5 years. Obviously, you should do your usual maintenance such as annual body...
  13. Lift kit needed for 35" tires on Sahara?

    So i solved part of the reason for the sluggishness after an oil change by myself. lo and behold the classic dealer overfilling of motor oil. Didn’t check my service sheet last oil change and only realized yesterday they filled 6.5 quartz. it was time for my oil change anyways and i emptied...
  14. Break in period

    No right or wrong answer. As long as you don't rev it too hard under 1-2k miles.
  15. AEV 2.5"

    Anyone run this lift with 285/75R17 tires? any pics is much appreciated.
  16. Lift kit needed for 35" tires on Sahara?

    May I ask, I also got my 33.9s nitto ridge grapplers on recently and I've noticed a slight sluggishness from a dead stop. May I add, I also added bumpers front and rear, winch, rock sliders, tire carrier, roof rack. Could that be the additional weight causing the sluggishness even tho its laden...
  17. New Jeep owner how soon can you use synthetic oils.

    Always test your oil filters by attaching them to your face mask for a day before you install it in your jeep
  18. New Jeep owner how soon can you use synthetic oils.

    I take a sip of oil just to make sure alls good. I wouldn’t make my jeep drink anything I wouldn’t drink myself.
  19. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    i disagree on better fuel economy. 7th and 8th is such a small difference even at 70mph. If anything, he is hitting 8th at a much lower speed if he regears to 4.10. I just don’t see the point in spending $2000 to regear to go up to 35s. Also depends on whats hes doing, is he really crawling...