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  1. Weak Throttle Response on Manual Transmission Models?

    I hear you, and I am not an apologist, per se. But given the compromises made for the sake of fuel economy, its a pretty damn good package....not perfect by any means (392 should be STANDARD!) but a damn good package. Now....You may complain alllllllllllllllll you want about reverse and I will...
  2. Weak Throttle Response on Manual Transmission Models?

    Okay, I do not mean to be condescending. I want to make that very clear. I just wonder if those that complain about off-idle performance are either a - coming from a large engine pickup or b - coming from something sporty. The Jeep is NOT a car. It is not a truck. It is a Jeep. It is its...
  3. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Something a little different and semi-unique to my area! Jeeps in covered bridges!
  4. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Huh! I did not know that! I bought a 2021 Willy's Sport, and the primary reason over the base sport was the lack of those stupid bumper parts! LOL. Thanks for keeping this guy informed!
  5. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    A Willy's with a euro bumper??? Odd.
  6. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    That was the one thing I really liked about the dealership I went to (first time there). When the finance person got to all the protection stuff, she said, "I have to offer these to you, but I know your not interested, so you acknowledge I showed them to you just initial here". Fastest...
  7. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    Considering that St. Bernards, Newfies Great Danes and Mastiffs are all technically called Giant Breed Dogs, I think we can safely say, anything the same size as a lab or bigger is a "Big" dog. All that being said, all dogs have big hearts for their people. So.....if you wheel with your pup...
  8. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Those half doors are SLICK!!! Beautiful!!
  9. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Report back if you do any tests on your own!
  10. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Yeah, mine were @ 44 from the dealer. I lowered to spec 37 psi (I mean, its on the side of the door for a reason - lol)
  11. 18” Steelies with 295/70R18 STT Pro

    I like the look, but you need white lettering on the tires to complete the look!
  12. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    HAHAHA! We didnt get our food just yet! Once he saw that, the water works were in full effect. :rain:
  13. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    I often kind of shake my head when people are complaining about having to shift going up a hill..... bought a manual transmission.....IT REQUIRES YOU TO SHIFT! :LOL: I'm being flippant I know, and I get their point, but it does make me laugh. PS - I for some reason didnt realize...
  14. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    That is going to be determined in how you like it when you drive it. Its taken me about a month to really understand how to drive my '21 Willy's Sport. I've found 3-3.5k to be optimal revs to shift. On the hilly roads here in Southern PA (Lancaster County), I will hang out between 4th and 5th...
  15. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    My big guy got his first ride with the top off. He was a bit afraid of the Jeep at when he sees it, he gets excited!
  16. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Nope. I received my Willy's Sport on 3/30. My build sheet had the same as yours. I can assure you the Willy's package comes with the Destination M/T tires. This has come up before. Do not fret, the tires rock!
  17. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Is Jeep a bad or banned word for you? :CWL:
  18. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    May she be built and delivered with speed AND attention to detail! Make sure to post when she arrives!
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I got naked in public for the first time.
  20. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Wasn't the best weather, but I couldnt wait anymore.....she needed to get naked!