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  1. Weighing In . . .

    Go with 6200lb as your max weight and you’ll be fine, currently giving you 820lb to play with. The diesel Jeep can actually handle “less” as the GVWR and GAWR have nothing to do with the diesel being able to push the extra weight around. The diesel weighs more and thus, less payload due to...
  2. Weighing In . . .

    GVWR is set by the manufacturer, you can't modify that. So, the easiest thing to do is go off the GAWR. Mine says 5800lb GVWR and also says 3100lb per axle, so that gives me 400lb more than the GVWR. See what your door jam says for GAWR and add the 2 together. That will give you a better idea...
  3. Damage to DEF Tank Supply Tube & Hose Mopar Part #52030405AC

    Just a little bit of info for correct terminology as a reader new to diesels may get confused.....there’s only 1 muffler on the diesel. The first element in the diesel exhaust is the DPF. The next is the SCR filter. Then the final one is the muffler. The DPF and the SCR do reduce exhaust noise...
  4. Rock Krawler maintenance & general suspension conversation

    Gotta give RK props, they are taking care of their customers with bad bushings. Sent Adam my build invoice and he got me all setup. I’m sure @Roky has 10hrs into his too. My extra time was due to little problems here and there. Wait until you rebuild the 3 link upper arm. That’s got 2 bushings...
  5. Maximum boost pressure?

    How are you running out of fuel? Isn’t the CP4 the same setup as what’s on the Ford/Chevy/Dodge full sized truck diesels?
  6. Rock Krawler maintenance & general suspension conversation

    That’s a good question, if I had to guess, probably 14-16 hours total. But, I could easily cut a bunch of time off if I have to do it again. Seized set screw slowed me down, figuring out that pressing off old red bushings was a waste of time and cutting them off only takes a couple of minutes...
  7. Rock Krawler maintenance & general suspension conversation

    Anyone want some "lightly used" bushings for their RK setup? Finally all done. 14 joints/28 bushings later.......I'm a pro now.
  8. Ragtop partially removed?

    Safari with no doors......:rock:
  9. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    It was probably one of the “scheduled” regens based off of mileage or hours.
  10. Rock Krawler maintenance & general suspension conversation

    Oh, and got the rear lowers done today. Had to cut off the old red bushings. Wouldn't press off. Used t-case skid as my home-grown bearing press. Lifted the Jeep up a bunch before the new ones popped on. The are that tight going on the ball and into the housing. And those rear lower arms...
  11. Rock Krawler maintenance & general suspension conversation

    You can get 1 piece or 2 piece passenger side axle shafts. If you get the 1 piece, you have, in a sense, locked in your hubs. This means that both axle shafts rotate forward when driving on the street and this causes the front driveshaft to rotate. In my case, I’m running 6.5° of caster and a...
  12. Rock Krawler maintenance & general suspension conversation the same boat....ask me how I know. 2 sets of RCV’s........:headbang:
  13. NV rear diff skid

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. But, it sure can take a hit and slide up over rocks.
  14. Broken soft top

    Here's my issue with this......they bend that easily???? Part number for these rods.....just in case I bend one?
  15. Is a Long Arm lift worth it?

    Welp, in my case, I went with the RK long arms, which have a very big benefit over stock arms. The RK setup mounts all the arms above or even with the frame. There are no mounts below the frame anymore. I have even hit the relocated mounts, so the stock mounts would have caused me to possibly...
  16. Is a Long Arm lift worth it?

    In a one word answer......yup. The long arms don't gain much travel if at all, since the JL aftermarket arms move very well. The limitation is binding in the joints and your shocks. So, why would you want long arms if travel isn't substantially's for the ride. The long arms move in...
  17. Turbo cooldown period?

    When you idle to cool down, you are cooling down the turbo bearings, not the EGT’s. Saves from coking the oil in the bearings.
  18. Want an ARB compressor? Good luck!

    Colby leash trained? Our cat was...she wasn't happy with it, just accepted it with a grumpy face.
  19. MPG and Range on the Ecodiesel

    DEF is always injected into the exhaust, not just during a regen. The use of DEF does go up ever so slightly during a regen since urea use is roughly 3% of fuel use. So, burn more fuel during a regen, burn more DEF.
  20. Dual battery and fridge

    I just carry a Renogy suitcase 100w setup and hook that up when the Jeep is stationary, at altitude I'll get 6amps out of the charger with good sunlight. With the Genesis and AAL setup, I have 2 batts connected to the fridge. 1 under the hood, 1 in the rear storage tub (the 3rd is the starting...