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  1. List of Differential Skids (front and rear)

    I installed the metal cloak front differential cover/skid plate combo a couple of weeks ago, I have about 1.5 inches of space between the track bar and the differential cover on my stock 2021 Rubicon 2 Door, 3.6L Manual transmission. I have yet to take it off-road afterwards but haven't...
  2. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    Makes sense, thanks, like I said it was probably a dumb question! :)
  3. 2021 JLU Oil Pan / Transmission Skid Plate Availability

    I ordered this a few weeks ago and got word that they should be shipping this week. Hopefully they get here before the weekend so I can get them installed, I'll update my build thread ( once I get them...
  4. Condition when picked up (brand new) at the dealer?

    2021 JLR, picked up on April 1st with 3 miles on the odometer (it was a factory order). Condition was perfect.
  5. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    Here is probably a REALLY dumb question but I'm going to ask anyways. I am not wanting to fully lift my jeep yet (2021 2-door Rubicon 3.6L, Manual) but I am in the process of adding a few skid plates, rock sliders, new front bumper and winch. I am guessing it's probably going to add 250+ lbs...
  6. Whats coming in 2022?

    I wouldn't count on a 2 door 4xE, there would be no room to put the batteries in it.
  7. Bruce's 2021 Snazzberry 2 Door Rubicon

    Yes I did have to drill the two holes pictured here - don’t be like me and put the bolts upside down though (fixed them after the pic).
  8. Bruce's 2021 Snazzberry 2 Door Rubicon

    LOD offroad Destroyer series rock sliders:
  9. Bruce's 2021 Snazzberry 2 Door Rubicon

    Here ya go! Pictures of Metalcloak from differential cover and skid and also Metalcloak rear differential skid.
  10. List of Differential Skids (front and rear)

    Quick question for you, I am about ready to install the Metalcloak differential cover and diff skid on the front, but on their website they have a disclaimer that says " Track Bars: The MetalCloak Front Dana M210 Differential Cover does not work with the front stock track bar."...
  11. Bruce's 2021 Snazzberry 2 Door Rubicon

    Updates: Bought and installed Armorlite Front flooring replacement as well as a Weathertech full cargo area liner. New additions on order: ARB Twin Air Compressor with Varozza under hood mount Cooltech GMRS Antenna Mount with Midland MXT275 GMRS radio and 36" antenna MetalCloak Front and Rear...
  12. Five Months for a Rear Bumper... Thanks Poison Spyder / Quadratec!

    I feel your pain, although I haven't waited quite as long as you! I ordered a Warn Elite Series front Bumper on Feb 26th with an estimated shipping date of mid March. I've had to reach out to the online store I ordered from about 10 times now and the delivery date keeps getting pushed back...
  13. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    Are those 37's?
  14. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I had been looking at that one and decided to go ahead and order it, so I'll have to post an update once I get it all installed! Thanks.
  15. Recommended Dealers List

    To get the full 8% I had to finance through one of their preferred lenders and during the financing part they "offered" a lot of the extended warranty packages and there wasn't any extra pressure when I told them I was not interested. Also the doc fee was only $299.
  16. Great news! $35 fee for GMRS license for those up for renewal and those on the fence....

    Ha, dang it. I just applied for my GMRS license on April 3rd and paid the $70 fee!
  17. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Is there a consensus on where the best place to mount the ARB Twin Compressor? I have a 2 door and will run topless very often so I either want it under the hood or under the drivers side seat.
  18. New ARB Compressor Mounting Kit?

    Any ETA on when the new ARB Twin Compressor mounting bracket will become available?
  19. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    The reverse gear would be my only complaint with the manual transmission as well.
  20. Thank you so much, have a discount.

    Thanks Kail, just ordered some front flooring for my new JLR!