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  1. California (5) 2020 Rubicon Falcon Wildpeak MT’s $650

    5 285/70/17 tires (no rims) 6500 miles $650 OBO
  2. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake two cents on this. It boils down to risk and reward. I am willing to risk $50 to possibly, not holding my breath, get the tires. If I don't then, then I will return them to Walmart. Worst case scenario I loose my $50 bucks.
  3. Texas NEW - IN BOX (never opened) - Rugged Ridge Arcus Bumper w/ Overrider Bar

    Would you be willing to do a trade for a Bestop Sunrider?
  4. California Bestop Sunrider JL Black Diamond $600 OBO

    Would like to get this out of my garage. Make me an offer.
  5. California Bestop Sunrider JL Black Diamond $600 OBO

    I have a Sunrider Jl Black Diamond for sale $600 OBO shipped. It's brand new in the box never opened. Here is a stock image from the internet.
  6. New to Wranglers, trying to pick the best all around model. Looking for insight.

    So this was my starting point. Then I started upgrading.... 35" Tires Lift and cosmetic items added and then..... See My profile picture!! Wish I would have bought the Rubicon to start with!!!
  7. I don't get the Sahara

    How I see the three trim level: Sport: Someone who wants a wrangler but doesn't want to spend $50K or Someone who wants the cheapest wrangler because they are going to build their rig how they want it. Rubicon: Someone who wants the off road capability for moderate adventures or Someone who...
  8. California 38 tires with icon rims. (Los Angeles). $500

    I have a set of sport rims and tires. I would be willing to make the drive if you end up getting the ok from your insurance company
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Sold My 2018 Sport...... and purchased a 2020 Rubicon!!
  10. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    Would love to get rid of the spacer lift.
  11. Win a Trigger Switch System from Northridge4x4

    User: Bsomavia Method Wheels and Milestar Patagonia MTs 40s Install + GUEST @Lite Brite | Northridge4x4
  12. "Shep" JLU Sport

    First time jeep owner here. I have learned a ton from this forum (should have researched this forum prior to buying) but oh well. Here is a list of my upgrades since purchasing in 2018. Red Spiderwebshade GPCA Grab Handles Attic hoist for hard top ProComp 32 Series 17x9 4.75 backspace wheels...
  13. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    entered....4" lift, 40's with bead locks, skids, stubby bumper, winch
  14. Giveaway of the Month - December 2019 - 2.5" or 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension, RockSport Edition

    I would love to put the 3.5 game changer on the "Shep". The spacers just aren't cutting it anymore!!
  15. Upgrading knee speakers. Dash removal?

    I did the passenger side without removing dash. Had to remove the glove box, the screws below the glove box, and the screws on the side of the dash. this allowed me to pull the speaker box out once i unscrewed it. The driver's side....I ended up removing most of the dash. It was pretty easy...