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  1. What gender is your Jeep, and...

    lol cool! My wife and I have talked about needing to “drive nice” since we put the red wheels on. It became a pretty unique looking Jeep and even more so now that we added the plates. We don’t want to offend somebody on the road to have them see us parked a week later and key it. Losing...
  2. Hidden Falls this Thursday?

    I get to work almost every weekend until the middle of September. So I’m going to start taking a day mid-week. The only park I know of that is open during the week is here. Plus side is there are almost no other vehicles out there. If you get an opportunity Thur/ Fri in the future hit me up.
  3. Texas JL join up?

  4. Hidden Falls this Thursday?

    Sorry for the short notice. Bound to be muddy with all this rain. Any takers?
  5. Drag link loose. Upper bushing

    @intentsrig - Did you ever resolve this issue?
  6. A few questions on Jeeps before I place an order

    I’ll toss my vote in with everything @Overland Utah said. The only thing I’d add is the aux switches and tow package. Im not sure if the smaller screen has the integrated nav system. If not that’s another reason to go with the larger screen. We typically use a phone based app too but having...
  7. What gender is your Jeep, and...

    Lol a girl, a goat. We had originally gone with Baby Hoss but found one more fitting. Apologies and to @UPGRAYEDD because we named it before I noticed you were using the name.
  8. Turbo rattle?

    Has anyone identified the source of the rattle or is it all just hypothetical? I got to page three and listened to the videos and it sounds exactly like what was going on with mine.
  9. JLUR Front camera installed with after market bumper

    Good info, thanks for sharing. I would like a front camera but don't want to get a tazer to activate that feature. Looks like an in grill mount is no bueno.
  10. Uconnect, “Device not supported”

    bummer, good luck on your troubleshooting journey...
  11. Uconnect, “Device not supported”

    Dumb question but figured it's worth an ask - do you have any phone charging cables plugged in? we had a similar problem and the cable was bad.
  12. Rattle from exterior trim piece below a-pillar

    Shortly after installing our lift I noticed a rattle periodically coming from outside the Jeep. At first I thought it was from outside the firewall down low (adjustable track bar?) but it was faint and not constant. Finally I realized it was the exterior part at the bottom of the a-pillar. It...
  13. Recommended lift kit

    UCA Upper Control Arm LCA Lower Control Arm I found this diagram helpful: I second watching that video if you haven’t already. I went with the AEV as they graded its ride quality on road as better than stock. I’m very happy with it and it seems to flex pretty good. It took a weekend to put...
  14. GoPro mounting exterior locations?

    Also interested. I ordered a magnetic mount thinking I’d use the bumper but watched some videos saying it’s less interesting without a point of reference - hood, tire, etc. Yesterday though while looking for steel parts that would wirk I was surprised by two things. The door hinges are NOT...
  15. S3 Bumpers and Sliders

    Good to see they are made in the USA. The integrated lights in the sliders would be kinda neat as long as you don't smash one. If you go with the sliders be careful removing the body bolts. I hear the front ones have a tendency to break off. Sorry no valuable input. Their logo looks an...
  16. 21 JL first outing, what did i do wrong?

    I'd be worried about the mushy brake pedal, and I was worried about ours popping out of 4Hi, instructions here: Teansfer Case cable adjustment | 2018+ Jeep Wrangler Forums (JL / JLU) - Rubicon, Sahara, Sport, Unlimited -
  17. Talk me down!!

    I can’t say I’ve ever been in your position. Everything I’ve bought was off the lot. I’d be nervous to go with a lighter colored leather though, seems like it could get stained easily. Maybe you could negotiate a discount...
  18. California L.O.D. Off-Road Problem *Resolved*

    I had a similar experience when I ordered my wheels. I was really close to calling the credit card company and disputing the charges. Bummer you’re experiencing this, LOD is one of the companies I was considering for a rear bumper/tire carrier.
  19. Introducing ICON Impact Bumpers & Armor For JL!

    Looking great! how much to get them welded on?