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  1. 2021 Jeep JLR problems in first few days

    I have the same noise on my 19 rubicon 2door, 25k miles and its still there. Its the muffler bouncing around in the brackets. I hear 50% of the time turning into and up my steep driveway. Dealership won't do anything about it for me. The noise comes and goes depending on humidity and temp.
  2. Hollow knock at idle

    I'll probably call this week.
  3. Hollow knock at idle

    Thanks for the reply, never thought of piston slap since it doesn't do it when cold, but you're right it does sorta sound like it.
  4. Hollow knock at idle

    I made my own video if anyone wants to check it out.. The oil has to get over 200f before it starts doing it. Im leary of the stealerships but i might have to take it.
  5. Hollow knock at idle

    Hey friends. I have a 2019 rubi 2dr 3.6 auto that has a hollow engine knock at idle when the oil temp rises over 200. I noticed when I first got it at 1k miles . It went away for awhile and now it’s back even louder at 21k. Wondering if anyone else has this? I changed the oil the amsoil and it...
  6. Oil filter housing stuck

    I did go speak to the service manager after I emailed him. Wasn’t sure the protocol with Covid. Little confused by your post
  7. Oil filter housing stuck

    I emailed the dealer today - told him i can't get the cap off, that its so tight it felt like an impact gun tightened it down. He told me to bring to the service dept, so i did. They can't get it off either, he asked me what socket i used, i said a 24mm 6 point and he said that I rounded it off...
  8. Oil filter housing stuck

    Ill have to get me one of those, how did you get it off? just socket,extension and breaker bar like im doing?
  9. Oil filter housing stuck

    Hello all, tried to change my oil this afternoon and it seems the dealer has over tightened my oil filter cap on the last free jeep wave oil change. I tried using a 6pt 24mm and a 6pt 15/16 socket, extension with a breaker bar and it won't budge. I don't want to hit it too hard in fear of...
  10. Coolant - hood liner

    Good call! I mean it is the same color as the coolant so I was like woah lol
  11. Coolant - hood liner

    Anyone ever had coolant reside underneath the hood on the liner, both side but none in the middle, no visible leaks.? 2019 3.6 rubicon
  12. Did i buy a unicorn? 2 door Rubicon

    1 year ownership and my 2door gets looks everywhere. It’s a unicorn in the sea of sameness.
  13. White Letters Out?

    Yes, white letters out
  14. lost OffRoad Pages gained MarketPlace

    Reset worked for me as well. Thank goodness for everyone on this forum, saves so much time and energy
  15. lost OffRoad Pages gained MarketPlace

    I saw three options under reset, do i need to do all 3 including personal settings?
  16. lost OffRoad Pages gained MarketPlace

    Still missing and no call from FCA - its getting really annoying... Am I only one still that hasn't got the update repushed?
  17. lost OffRoad Pages gained MarketPlace

    I sent JeepCares a PM, its been month and still no ORP.
  18. Illinois UPR Catch Can