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  1. New Jersey 2DR Rubi Takeoffs

    Don’t have the springs anymore but I still have the shocks.
  2. Mopar Auxiliary Switch Bank (Rubicon)

    Have a brand new in the box Rubicon aux switch kit part# 82215798AD. Located in Central NJ. $225 obo
  3. Falcon SP2 Mode Adjust Shocks

    I had the Falcon 3.3s for my 2dr JLR and inquired with Teraflex about getting them revalved. Basically they only offer to revalve the Falcons from the 4dr valving to the 2dr valving. If you’re a 2dr guy and unhappy with the shock valving you’re SOL with Teraflex.
  4. New Jersey 2dr Falcon 3.3 shocks 0-1.5”

    Low speed compression is definitely on the firm side, but it softens up further through the compression stroke. They did firm up the handling noticeably. If you live in an area where it gets below freezing just be aware the shocks are considerably stiffer in the colder temperatures.
  5. New Jersey 2dr Falcon 3.3 shocks 0-1.5”

    I did indeed. Just forgot to mark the thread sold.
  6. Falcon SP2 Mode Adjust Shocks

    Looks to be a new Falcon shock variation coming to the market. Not much information out there so far on them (that I could find anyways).
  7. Falcon SP2 Shocks

    Just noticed new videos uploaded on the Teraflex website discussing the new Falcon SP2 shocks. @TeraFlex do you have any more information or the difference in valving compared to their non-SP2 counterparts?
  8. 2 Door Highway Driving & Handling / Comfort

    My 2dr JLR has a bit of play in the steering but for me it’s actually more stable on the freeway as they tend to be in better shape than my local roads. My initial reactions when I first got the Jeep was to correct every little bit of wandering the jeep would do, which became somewhat tiring...
  9. 2dr lifts

    Yeah I was a bit disappointed by the misleading information I was given. I’ve since taken that lift off and gone back to stock suspension with 1” spacers up front and .5” in the back. Really wanted to like the RK kit but the Jeep looked like a roller skate.
  10. OPINION? Are falcon 3.3 shocks overated?

    I’ve run the Falcon 3.3 shocks and the Fox 2.0 shocks on my 2dr JLR with both the stock Rubicon springs and RK 2.5” springs. The build quality on the Falcons is impressive, not quite high end Fox or King nice but close. Unfortunately for my ride quality preferences the Falcons were way too...
  11. Plushest riding Spring...

    Hmm, mine are the 2dr variants, hope there is something they can do. If not I may have to find a shock tuning company willing to work on them. Although it’s hard to gauge, it seems like quite a few Falcon 3.3 owners for both 4dr and 2dr JLs find the shocks too harsh.
  12. Plushest riding Spring...

    I’ve inquired with @TeraFlex today to see if I can get mine revalved for just the reason you mentioned above. I have a lighter JLR and the low speed compression damping is brutal.
  13. South Jersey/Philly dealership for Service

    Had my old JK serviced at Cherry Hill, never had any issues there. Only other dealerships I have experience with in the area is Lucas (meh, not great) and Manahawkin (easy buying process, not sure about the service department).
  14. PRP Seat Covers

    Did they mention what the difference was between the 4 dr and 2 dr seats are? I’ve been waiting for awhile now on the 2dr release as well.
  15. Teraflex Alpine control arms installed wrong

    Was just about to mention that. I have the same arms and another thing to watch out for when installing is the lower shock mount bolts may hit the adjustment clamp as well. I had to trim the bolts back about .5” to clear.
  16. Plushest riding Spring...

    How do you like the ride quality with the Falcon shocks? If you’re planning on keeping them you almost need to find a spring that will play nicely with it. I had a 2.5” RK lift on my JLR with Falcons 3.3s and even on the softest setting it was apparent they weren’t a great match to the RK...
  17. Daily driver or second vehicle

    My JLR started out as a daily driver but I picked up a 2019 Civic SI a few months back for my commute, averaging about 38mpg with it. Still drive the Jeep into work about once a week, it’s become mostly a weekend vehicle for me.
  18. JL after market support missing

    @JcrOffroad What’s the biggest shift in the market you have seen between the JK and JL? Just browsing user responses on this forum, personally it seems to me, that for quite a few the JL is their first wrangler and aren’t used to it “isms”. Also seems like the buyers income brackets are a tad...
  19. JL after market support missing

    I’m sure if I had a hard top and a heavier rear bumper it would have brought the height down a bit. For sport owners 2.5” is probably perfect for 35’s. It’s understandable from a manufacturer/business perspective to focus primarily on the gladiator/JLU market, considering the take rate for JLs...
  20. JL after market support missing

    Been on a similar quest. Really just want a 1” non spacer lift for my 35’s on my JLR. Initially installed a Teraflex 1.5” spacer kit, which was okay. In another thread RK mentioned that their lifts for the 2 doors were based off sport suspension. Based on that information I installed their...