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  1. Lower outboard shock mounts

    Thank you. I know how to set it all up, i just haven't had time to mess with it. The new bumps are longer so i took away the lower bump to account for it, but that doesn't always work. So i need to make sure. The new bump may not collapse as much.
  2. Lower outboard shock mounts

    Honestly right now I'm not sure. Put new bump stops in and adjusted the lowers. Playing with it but I'm hoping to be 1/2" or a hair less from fully collapsed.
  3. Lower outboard shock mounts

    Yep that's what I'm going to have to do. It's the one part i didn't do enough research on. Thank you for your help
  4. Fox Shox PS Stabilizer IFP 98524173- Steering Stabilizer

    It will absolutely will make it move to one side. If your steering is tight you won't notice it much or even at all. The ones for the jk which i assume is the same one, would make mine cross a full lane in about 10 seconds. If i flipped it, it would push it to the other side. But my steering...
  5. Lower outboard shock mounts

    So, i ordered the lower shock mounts from metalclock. I put them on and come to find out, not only do they move the shock outward, the new shock mount is an inch higher. I lost an inch of uptravel. I put these on for one because i noticed at full droop my shocks were hitting the frame rail...
  6. Rock Krawler maintenance & general suspension conversation

    I just redid all of mine including both track bars and it was an easy job. Not very easy when you don't know how the red ones go in. That they have to be pressed over the joint 🤣. I spend an hour trying to figure out how in the hell i was going to make it work. I don't have a ton of tools. When...
  7. Few shock option questions....lengths etc...Fox and Radflow

    Yep. I know. I wish there was an upper mount relocation an inch or so up, so i could see how i liked it. Obviously I'd lose an inch of down. It's a love/hate situation lol
  8. Few shock option questions....lengths etc...Fox and Radflow

    That's what i have 3 pucks. Have about 4.25-4.5" of travel. The shock collapses fully before the bump is fully collapsed. I don't want to damage the shock. That's my worry
  9. Few shock option questions....lengths etc...Fox and Radflow

    What do you have for front bump stops? The factory bumps with my rk 3.5 lift and fox 2.0 for 6" lift are a little short. They compress but not enough to take the full load off the shock at full stuff. I don't really want to add to the lower stops (if i can help it)because I'm limiting up travel...
  10. KAMIECON JLUR build journal

    How are the sumo springs? Did they add any bounce to the ride or do they benefit they ride? Just ordered some because the factory bumps scare me lol
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I ended up taking about 3/8" or so off the back of the bracket(towards the rear) and 3/4" off the inside of the bracket. Just a start. I havent been able to test it. I don't know if I'm still making contact, and if i am how much. I'll test it one weekend soon and take more off as needed. It's a...
  12. Rock Krawler rear track bar hitting bracket.

    Also, if the bar is hitting on the bracket , it's binding both joints. I'm more worried about it hitting than it moving the way it was designed to. I don't think it will stretch the heim with the bracket cut. If that's what you are referring to. Picked up a new grinder as the old one took a...
  13. Rock Krawler rear track bar hitting bracket.

    If you look at my pic you can see where i half ass drew a line with my finger 🤣
  14. Rock Krawler rear track bar hitting bracket.

    I have the rock Krawler 3.5 no limits lift. I was under the jeep the other day, and i noticed that the track bar has been hitting the bracket pretty good. I don't know if it's on road stuff or strictly off road, when flexed, but it's been hitting for sure. Anyone had an issue with this? I...
  15. Shocks. Want to hear some insight on fox 2.5 or like shocks

    Thanks guys. All great info. The 2.0 rr seem to be the better choice for me, at least for now. I appreciate all the feedback. I hope i can come to a decision soon.
  16. Shocks. Want to hear some insight on fox 2.5 or like shocks

    Thank you. I appreciate the help. Now my head hurts
  17. Shocks. Want to hear some insight on fox 2.5 or like shocks

    I read up on your review and a few others. I was liking what i was reading but honestly i don't have the type of terrain you guys do. I hope to one day be able to experience it, but for now it could be a while or years before that happens. I could find a shitty road, or trail, just to do it, but...
  18. Shocks. Want to hear some insight on fox 2.5 or like shocks

    Hahahah i appreciate the info. I've read their page through and through. I know what they say and i trust it. I've researched as much as i can. I've also seen others say the on road is awesome and it soaks up the small stuff. I want a shock to grow with. The adjustability of the 2.5 is what's...
  19. Shocks. Want to hear some insight on fox 2.5 or like shocks

    I have called accutune about the fox 2.5s twice now and neither person has sold me on them. I'm okay with that. I'd rather them be honest and tell me a 2.0 rr would work better. I just can't see why or how a 2.5 couldn't be valved to be like a 2.0 yet also have the benefits of the 2.5...