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  1. Brake pad sensors

    Thats a really good pic. Thank you!
  2. Brake pad sensors

    Thanks for the reply. I havent really checked yet but my less than 1 year JLUR makes a squeeking sound intermitently during about the first 10 mins of driving. Afterwards, it goes away. Weird..
  3. Brake pad sensors

    Hello, I have a 2020 JLUR 3.6L non etorque. Just want to ask if my jeep or JLUR in general have low brake pad sensor. Thank you.
  4. Rubi springs - longest shock without unseating springs?

    If you are considering the Fox 2.5, I would suggest also looking at the Old Man Emu BP51.
  5. Spacers VS Lift Kit

    Do it right the first time.
  6. Teraflex Transit mud flaps reviews?

    Thanks for the review and the pictures, appreciate it. You are right the price seems ridiculous for a rear pair of mudflaps. Im also looking at the Rokblokz XL which cost a little less and its for both front and rear pairs. Only thing is I really like how the Teraflex looks.
  7. Teraflex Transit mud flaps reviews?

    Thanks for moving to the right forum.
  8. Teraflex Transit mud flaps reviews?

    Hello friends, Been thinking of getting some mud flaps for my 2020 JLUR with Mopar Rocksliders. Im considering the Rockblokz XL but Im very intrigued by the Teraflex Transit mud flaps. Anyone tried them on or has any opinion in the Transit? Teraflex Transit mud flaps Thanks!
  9. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    These doors will be absolutely gorgeous on the Sky one touch roof!

    Did mine at 5000 kms. Huge improvement on my 2020 JLUR 3.6 ESS. I was adamant with the dealer that there is a steering wander. At first they were like, its feels normal. Then I said to the service manager, Do we really have to make this painful? They immediately ordered the parts and after a...
  11. FOX 2.5 or Old Man Emu Ome BP51

    If Im going with the BPs, then the coils will also be OME
  12. FOX 2.5 or Old Man Emu Ome BP51

    Thats the main things why I wanted the BP51, adjustablility with the ride quality. Thank you for sharing your experience with them, I think Im going to go with the Old Mans.
  13. FOX 2.5 or Old Man Emu Ome BP51

    Im thinking a 3.5 inch lift springs.
  14. FOX 2.5 or Old Man Emu Ome BP51

    Thats also my thoughts.. The BP51 has the same tech with the Fox 3.0 at lesser cost. Just wanna make sure the BP51 are as reliable as the Fox 3.0
  15. FOX 2.5 or Old Man Emu Ome BP51

    Hello friends, Im in the final stages of deciding for my lift kit for the 2020 JLUR. I have narrowed it down to 2 options.. Fox 2.5 or OME BP51 for the shocks. Need your advice which one will be best for the JLUR. Daily drive but weekend warrior to medium-advanced trail. Im looking at 3.5...
  16. UPR vs MISHIMOTO OIL Catch Can

    Hi Joe, I got my catch can from you guys this month but it still has the old design. How come? I would have wanted the new design..
  17. One-Touch Roof Not Removable?

    I meant the actual rear window with the defogger and wiper
  18. One-Touch Roof Not Removable?

    Are the rear window removable for the ones with the sky one touch? That picture of the 392 hemi with the sky one touch has the rear window removed..
  19. Mojito vs bikini vs punk'n?? Which color to get?

    If you have netflix, watch the movie “6 Undergroud”. The green Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio looks the same as a Mojito. Then imagine that is a Jeep Wrangler instead.. I would think you will make your decision by then. :)