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  1. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    Mine are 37s. The 33s look fine at stock height but when you lift a rubicon you’ll want bigger tires for sure.
  2. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    I ended up swapping the front coils due to my front end being a little low for my liking with aftermarket bumper and winch. Had an opportunity to get some rk 3.5 inch front springs for cheap so said why not. Here’s a before and after. Before is on the bottom. Can’t tell totally that it was nose...
  3. 2018 jeep rubicon

    Auto park sucks. Wish there was a way to turn it off. Just close the door(s) go to park and then shift back to drive.
  4. 2018 jeep rubicon

    Do it. Just figure out your budget and what your off roading goals are. There are max flex kits that are more and less expensive kits with just adjustable lowers that will be less. next warning is that the mopar “2 inch” lift is actually more than 2 inches.If you only want 2 inches try to...
  5. control arm confusion

    Does she have a rubicon or a sport? If a non rubicon I’d try it out and see if the axles are shifted much before spending more. The mopar lift gives 4 or so inches of lifts to the sports which renders the lca’s too short. A 2.5 inch spacer on a sport will only be about an inch higher than a...
  6. JL Gorilla Glass Windshield Now Available (Via Hyperformance windshield by HGP)

    Any updates on the gorilla glass? I’m already through 2 factory windshields so just ordered one today. Hoping it will last a while or I may have to add glass coverage back on to my insurance. Just hate that even a windshield replacement when you have glass coverage counts as a claim.
  7. Positive outcomes of mopar 2 inch lift kit

    Close to it. The front springs started sagging more than I liked and my coworker had some extra rock krawler 3.5 inch front springs laying around so I put those in. I am still running the rough country front adjustable track bar and rear super lift track bar bracket. I added front adjustable...
  8. Need advice on order of lift components

    On the lower cost end you can get rough country front for $150 and a super lift track bar bracket for $50 for the rear. There are many other options which are great as well, but those are probably your lowest cost options. I’ve been running them for 12000ish miles without issue. Some hate rough...
  9. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    You’ll have to pull the front end apart enough to be able the get the springs out and then the isolators. I’d say a couple hour job if you’re doing it yourself.
  10. Spacers needed on 315/70R17 Patagonias with MC 2.5 and stock wheels?

    You have a rubicon or non rubicon? With a rubicon you won’t need the spacers, with a non rubicon you’ll probably need the spacers. Why? The rubicon axle is 1.5 inches wider and that 3/4 difference per side makes a difference.
  11. Amazon wheels

    The bronze ones from them are on my short list of next wheels. My current wheels have taken some abuse. Personally like their other styled ones a bit more.
  12. My 37s are rubbing in the rear. 2 1/2" lift.

    You running wheel spacers or didn’t have to? If not, that could be part of the problem as that will keep them close to the body. I have +12 offset 9 inch wide wheels and mine rubbed when off roading. I went with motobilt inner fender and it doesn’t rub any more. They were not fun to install...
  13. Milestar Patagonia M/T 37s vs. 38s

    Just bump it to manual mode at 70 or so on the freeway and it will hold 7th without issue and even 8th if flat enough. Just because the computer thinks it needs 6th doesn’t mean it does. Mine will hold 7th most of the time if I’m in cruise and even 8th if it’s flat enough.
  14. Wheel offset question

    edit. Since you don’t have a rubicon they won’t work. The rubicon axle is 1.5 inches wider than a sport axle, you’ll want the -12. The only reason my +12 work is that I have a rubicon. On a sport go with the -12 or you’ll rub the frame at full turn. They’ll work. I have 17x9 +12 offset on my...
  15. 2" Spacer Lift for Stock Rubicon

    They will work just fine. Most kits come with shock extenders to maintain use of stock shocks. If you plan on running it long term you will want longer lower control arms to get your caster up. I ran the rough country spacer kit for a while before getting a better kit. I wanted to run 37s...
  16. Rubicon takeoff suspension install costs on JLUS

    That’s where i purchased mine but was just curious which one was that reasonably priced.
  17. Rubicon takeoff suspension install costs on JLUS

    Which dealership? I’m in meridian.
  18. Need advice on order of lift components

    Adjustable lower control arms to get caster up. Adjustable front track bar and rear track bar bracket will help get your axles recentered.
  19. Rubicon takeoff suspension install costs on JLUS

    Agree it’s quite high. Should be able to get help if you’re not mechanically inclined and get it installed.
  20. Intro and Spacer Lift Questions

    Agree. Mine still brakes great as well.