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  1. Anyone having Uconnect issues?

    @JeepCares I can't even login to the UConnect App (ever, and now for weeks). I've been transferred to multiple support groups. I had a support ticket closed on Monday even though it wasn't fixed. It's super annoying, as I can login to the website; but the app doesn't work. We tried my iphone, my...
  2. 4xe Tax Credit explained and hints by someone who has done it twice.

    It's probably not going to be line 24 in 2021 (as the line number will change year to year). But if you want to use 2020 as a guide line 24 will work for your 2020 tax year return.
  3. What's the hold up? Let's speculate...

    Actually, mine has a 700 Amp Maintenance Free Battery :/ But yes, that has nothing to do with your main battery pack.
  4. Cover Over Battery Compartment?

    Seats fold down over the battery... So there's a small bump in the 4Xe vs relatively flat in non electric.