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  1. New Jersey 2x BRAND NEW Premium 4 DOOR SOFT TOP

    Sending you a message
  2. Recent 2021 JLUR's shipped without passenger ambient footwell lighting?

    I only have two wires, not the third for the ambient loghting. Strange. I think that maybe the wrong module was installed. I have the dial controller and the ambient lights. There is no reason why they should not be made to work.
  3. Recent 2021 JLUR's shipped without passenger ambient footwell lighting?

    The wiring harness on my 2021 Sport S only has two wires but it looks like I have two bulbs. The bulb on the right is the curtesy light and the other LED doesn’t do anything. Perhaps the Jeep was supposed to have footwell lighting but Jeep used the wrong wiring harness.
  4. New York FS: Premium Twil Soft top for JLU wrangler unlimited

    Where in NY are you located?
  5. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    I used a 9/64 but 1/8 will probaly be fine too.
  6. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    I’ve had the opportunity to try out my plugs a few time since my install and made a few tweaks. At first, it was much better towards the sides, but I noticed a little icing in the center because not enough hot air was hitting the windshield. Rather than remove some of the plugs, I drilled small...
  7. New UK owner

    Looks great! How do the AEV Salta wheels fit? AEV says that the Saltas are made for the JK (they have about 15mm more offset than the AEV JL wheels), not JL but a lot of people, including me, want to put them on their JL. Can you post a picture of the backup camera. Thanks and enjoy your Jeep.
  8. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    Just installed this phone/drink holder. Really like the location and at $14.99 can’t beat the price (Phone in the photo is ancient and only for illustrative purposes since I needed my actual phone to take the photo).
  9. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    They fit perfectly. Almost like they were made for the task. I had to press them into the vent slots and would need to pry a little to get them out.
  10. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    I bought these plugs on Amazon. A little over $7 for 30 of them. I installed about half. The air definitely hits the sides better and still gets the center too. Haven’t tested yet but it can’t be worse than it was last week. I’ll play around with the amount I use and the location of the plugs...
  11. Analog Speedometer Error

    Seems to have resolved itself.. maybe. My two speedometers are sometimes the same and sometimes 1-2 mph apart. I’ll probably wait for my first service and then mention the flash that is posted above.
  12. Analog Speedometer Error

    Anything come of this? The analog speedo in 2021 is showing between 6-10 mph when I’m. It even moving.