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  1. How many Jeeps have you owned?

    I've owned nine Jeeps, including the JLUR and YJ I own now. What can I say? I'm a fan.
  2. I love everything about my JLUR except for the way it rides.

    Sorry to hear about your issues. My JLUR has a pretty comfortable ride and the transmission shifts smoothly. What you described is definitely not normal. You may way to consider hitting up @JeepCares if you dont get the assistance you need from Jeep.
  3. WHY did you BUY your JL?

    Haha...I hate to admit it but I'm basically the same way. I love Jeeps and just had to check out the new JL. I drove on the lot in a Tacoma that wasnt my favorite vehicle but did what I needed it to. Next thing I know I'm test driving it and talking numbers with the sales guy. It was a...
  4. My Replacement 2019 JLU Good Observations

    Looks good. Glad you're happy with it.
  5. 2019 Rubicon with one touch power roof

    Looks great! Power soft top option costs more than I thought it would.
  6. 5,000 Mile Reliability Poll

    Just hit 8,000 miles and no major issues. Sorry your JL is having issues, OP. I cant say for sure but it sounds like you just happened to get a poorly built JL. I'd bet if you were to get another JL it woudnt be as problematic. Whatever you decide, best of luck
  7. What Would the Bronco Have to Do to Win You Over

    I guess we'll see what happens. Ford did a great job when they introduced the 'retro' look Mustang (05?). They'll have a huge hit on their hands if they can replicate that with the Bronco.
  8. What makes a sahara worth the money, and cant after market address it

    My opinion....the aftermarket support for Jeeps is quite robust. You can easily mod your Jeep in to whatever you want. The only thing I would recommend is that you buy what you want right off the bat. I say this as an owner of several JKs and one JL. Find the right Jeep at the right price...
  9. Got my 2019 Rubicon today

    Lookin' good, Billy Ray!
  10. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    That's pretty funny. Here in NC, license plates normally start with three letters. While going through their normal rotation, they reached the combination of 'W-T-F'. Some thought it was funny but others did not. Apparently enough of the folks who did not appreciate the humor of the NC DMV...
  11. Using a Rubicon as a daily driver

    I have a JLUR that I drive daily and, in my opinion, it does not ride rough at all. I mean, it is a Jeep so I guess it's a little rough. I wouldnt bother rushing to get new tires.
  12. Should I make the switch? Taco to JLU?

    I dont think so. In fact, that's exactly what I did. I liked the Tacoma but there were a few things I just couldnt get over. As mentioned by others, the driving position felt a bit strange. I'm very happy I made the switch. Good luck
  13. New Jeep owner, first roadtrip

    Really going to depend on your overall usage. I do pretty well on long trips but around town I'm averaging 18 mpg (at least according to the computer.). Having said that, I have no complaints about gas mileage. Oh, and welcome to the Jeep club:like::jk:
  14. Max volume on Alpine

    Dang....reading the posts above makes me feel like an old man. I normally have my volume between 6 or 8.
  15. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Debating getting this one....just dont want to draw unnecessary attention, lol.
  16. The Perfect Jeep?

    Honestly, whatever Jeep you get can easily be customized to fit your needs with aftermarket options. Having said that, i will say the the LED lighting and Alpine option are Awesome (with a capital 'A'). Not related but since you're in Michigan, have you looked at JCR Offroad? Pretty good...
  17. New Jeep owner ... how capable is my jl sport unlimited ?

    The sport is more capable than you may realize, or ever need. I made a similar comment in a different thread. I think folks are so accustomed to hearing about the Rubicon that they sometimes forget how capable sports are/can be. You may need to install more aggressive tires or a small lift...
  18. AH! I can’t friggin decide!

    I had the same questions and ended up going with a Rubicon. When I read this: It makes me think you'd be just as happy with a Sport S. Sure, the Rubicon is probably the best off-road vehicle available out of the box but Sports are very capable machines. Oh, and in case you were curious...