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  1. Purpose of ordering the Steel Bumper Group?

    It seems like a lot of post like this are written in a manner to start a divide amongst members. Too many of them but drama seems to be entraining for those who like asking stupid questions.
  2. Can the math work out to justify a 4xe?

    I didn't buy my 4XE based on economics as cited in your math and calculations. I'm not sure the majority of 4XE buyers make the purchase based on fuel cost justification. I just prefer the power and acceleration of the 4XE power plant over the V6.
  3. Purpose of ordering the Steel Bumper Group?

    Far better than the plastic bumpers in many ways.
  4. EV Shifting and Pedestrian Alert

    I like your suggestion!
  5. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    My wife wasn't crazy about my 95 or 2014 Sahara in the past. Seemed a bit noisy and under powered. I guess she didn't get the "Jeep Thing". So I was surprised when she recently left the luxury of her Lexus GX460 to get a 21 Rubicon 4XE. She loves You never know what's down the road!
  6. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    I'd thought I'd finally chime in after reading 39 pages of banter as well as good comments. From a auto manufacture stance, Ford has made a good decision to revive the Bronco. Are they targeting the Jeep crowd? Of course they are but don't think that's their main target. Ford understands...
  7. 1 month with the Wrangler 4XE

    Chris: Good points! The max region is something I'm hoping a software update could correct.
  8. 10 Year or 100,000 mile Battery and Hybrid System Warranty

    Battery has a warranty. I know what you mean about watching the charge decrease as you drive. With that being said, I get a good 23 or so miles in all electric mode before it switches to hybrid mode. The 4XE is awesome.
  9. 392 vs Diesel

    Curious what angle your question is coming from. Two very different engines offering very different performance.
  10. Rubicon vs. High Altitude Help

    I would think the Rubi would be a bit better for resale down the road.
  11. JL resale values are insane!

    It's nice to know your vehicle is wort more than you said for it. With that being said $5-$10K is not big money in today's economy. Certainly not to sell unless it's a needless item in your quiver.
  12. I know...I was stupid to think otherwise...

    Just a side note, houses in the Austin area are selling more than asking price as well as more than the appraisals. Cash buyers, lack of inventory and high demand. Most homes sell within 24-48 hrs. The majority of the buyers are coming from California driving home prices and taxes upward. Homes...
  13. What Made YOU Fall in Love with Jeep?

    The possibilities it offers.
  14. I know...I was stupid to think otherwise...

    The problems not the dealership, it's the potential customers that are willing to pay higher than MSRP that drive prices up. It's not just with the 392 Wrangler. This type of market pricing exists all across the board on low supply/high demand premium objects. It's not greed, it's business.
  15. 4xe Dealer MSRP Discount vs. Actual Sticker wayyy off

    We were very fortunate to good dealer in San Antonio. No add ons, upfront discount and they gave us a top dollar trade on our SUV. On the other hand, when I was searching for a Gladiator prior to deciding on the 4XE, I found several dealers around Austin that all played the add on game and were...
  16. Never thought I would have a 4cyc!

    I'm impressed by this little mighty engine. Thought I'd never consider a 4 cylinder.
  17. New 4XE arrival today

    I'm definitely getting a level 2 charger.
  18. Wrangler 4XE Drive Modes Analysis

    Chris: Thank you for the detailed write up. Finally good information about the 4XE to digest.
  19. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    I seriously looked at the Gladiator and made couple test rides. I think it's a great truck for a midsize venue. I ended up getting a 21 F250 King Ranch FX4 due to better towing capacity otherwise I would have purchased the Gladiator. I was very impressed by the improvements Jeep has made over...
  20. First Jeep Wrangler Colorado

    I think it's great advise to drive and wheel it for awhile before adding mods. In the past, I have rushed into jeep mods and wish I had waited a little longer. The stock Rubicon is extremely capable on its own. I'm not saying mods are bad, I just learned that time behind the wheel changed my...