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  1. 1 month with the Wrangler 4XE

    I agree with all of your points, esp #1 and #3. My buddy bought a Bronco Sport and was asked to participate in a conference call with Ford engineers and he said they really seemed to take his feedback to heart. Here's hoping Jeep do something similar with some of us 4xe owners. Worst case, I...
  2. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    I spoke too soon, too soon. CEL is back after a few hours. I guess I'll be making a trip to the dealer soon...
  3. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    I may have spoke too soon. I went out to try and reset the code by disconnecting the battery (after pulling the IDCM fuse). I decided to check the gas cap for S&Gs and sure enough when I popped open the fuel door the gas cap was lightly resting in there, not secured at all. You'd think a dealer...
  4. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    I've had my 4xe for 3 days / 280mi. Check engine light came on today. I took it to Autozone and both of their scanners found no codes. The Jeep drives perfectly fine although the remote start isn't working (dash says "remote start disabled, turn on vehicle to reset"). I did open the hood...
  5. 4xe Builds

    Question for you Shane (and any others who post here): How much are the lift and tire upgrades affecting the electric range? The 4xe will be my 5th Jeep and I'm trying to be a little more conservative with mods this time in order to retain as much of the range as possible.
  6. Anyone adding Exhaust or Active Sound System for Engine Noise?

    On any other vehicle I want to hear the roar of the engine, and I've installed many aftermarket exhausts in the past. I'm not planning to touch the 4xe though for 2 reasons: It's a 4 cylinder so an aftermarket exhaust won't sound that great (IMHO) and could be very droney. Hybrid mode means...
  7. What shade of Blue is the Accent Color on the Hood Decal and Rubicon Outline

    I wonder if lagoon blue is basically the same color without the metallic? Or maybe it’s down to different materials, powder coat vs paint, etc. will be tough to say until we see it in person.
  8. What shade of Blue is the Accent Color on the Hood Decal and Rubicon Outline

    For what it’s worth, Jeep calls the accent color surf blue, which was on some 2010 wranglers.