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  1. $2000 Price Increase For 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

    Spoke to my dealer today. He could not confirm the price increase, but said my order was price protected and not to worry. JW
  2. $2000 Price Increase For 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

    Got my VON this afternoon. Systems are back up and all is right in the world. JW
  3. $2000 Price Increase For 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

    I put in an order for a 4xe this afternoon. The dealer said the system was down and that it should be up by tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Glitch in the matrix I guess!
  4. What Does This Mean

    Thanks! That helps. JW
  5. What Does This Mean

    What does the information in the circle below mean? How does it fit into negotiations?
  6. How Long Does Dealer Pricing Last?

    Great Information. Thank you.
  7. How Long Does Dealer Pricing Last?

    When emailing dealers to get pricing on ordering a JL, how long does the offer usually last? Can I request pricing now and then wait a couple of weeks to order or do I only have a couple of days?
  8. What is this button in my Wrangler?

    It is your "Park Sense" sensors. Controls the beeping when you back up.
  9. Debadging Problem

    Is it best to debadge using the hairdryer and fishing line or the eraser wheel? The eraser wheel makes me nervous. I'm afraid it's going to mess us the paint...
  10. Ordering my first Jeep. Any advise?

    Oh ya, Use this to price your order...

    Most recent price guide...
  12. Ordering my first Jeep. Any advise?

    A couple of things...if you're special ordering, order it the way you want'll always be happy with it. The only thing I might reconsider is getting the tow package. Most get the tow package for the factory installed auxiliary switches. Those can be installed later, but not without...
  13. Choices! 35s, Lift, or Winch?

    I would say that you start based on how you want to use your Jeep. Offroad? Recovery equipment always comes first. Style? 35's as the lift without the bigger tires doesn't look that good to me. I would say the lift and the tires are a package deal.
  14. Rock-Trac Rubicon Performance

    Do you know of any durability differences between the two setups?
  15. Rock-Trac Rubicon Performance

    Wow! You read my mind...impressive
  16. Rock-Trac Rubicon Performance

    Have you noticed any performance difference off-road or conditions other than snow?
  17. Rock-Trac Rubicon Performance

    Didn't forget, just don't check at work...I've got other (not necessarily more important) things to do...;)
  18. Rock-Trac Rubicon Performance

    So I understand, the two transfer cases are traditional part-time 4wd and Rock-Trac or auto (full-time) 4wd... As I'm reading, I'm thinking no real performance difference and I will probably go for the $700 addon.