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  1. California Halogen tail lights

    2 Halogen Tail Lamps $75 which includes shipping they have LED bulbs in them
  2. California Mobil oil filter M1C-456A

    Somebody beat you by 30 minutes if they don’t pay I’ll let you know
  3. California Mobil oil filter M1C-456A

    I have 7 new filters all for $35 which includes shipping
  4. JL (2DR) Rock Hard 4X4 RH-4004 Universal Fairlead License Plate Mount with Cable Lanyard

    Bought this and never used it and I don't have a Jeep anymore so its new in box $25 plus whatever shipping is to your door Description: Don't zip tie your license plate to your bumper fairlead! We've landed on the moon - no more dark age methods of keeping your Jeep legal with a front license...
  5. California Selling Miscellaneous Jeep items items Tazer and More

    Added Tazer and 2 headlights and 2 foglights
  6. WTB Tazer JL

    Selling my Tazer
  7. California Selling Miscellaneous Jeep items items Tazer and More

    Selling some items Shipping is whatever actual cost is to your destination SOLD MXT275 MICROMOBILE® TWO-WAY RADIO $50 Plus shipping comes with radio and Mic there is no antenna included and the power adapter would need to be hardwired. SOLD SOLD Proclip USA Jeep Center mount and adjustable...
  8. Got hit passenger front tire. What should I check for?

    Not sure why people ask theses question but take it to a professional
  9. Fuel Fill-Up

    Never an issue
  10. Nuff Said

    Zoom in real close you can see it better then