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  1. Car Wash with softtop?

    The soft tops are designed to withstand typical touchless automatic washes. I wouldn't trust them to stand up to the ones with with brushes that touch the vehicle though, but I don't go to those anyways since I don't want the brushes buffing my paint every wash either.
  2. South Dakota Jeep JL/JT MOPAR Factory LED Fog Lights

    Selling my great condition JL/JT MOPAR LED fog lights that were removed from my MOPAR steel front bumper. $100 plus shipping. Refer to the attached image to see if it'll fit your vehicle.

    If you have the extra wire all you need to do is plug the new ones in and flash the vehicle for the led headlight option either at the dealership or with a programmer (JScan/tazer/etc)
  4. ORACLE Oculus Bi-LED Headlight Upgrade for the Jeep JL / JT

    I might buy into this theory if both models in the above comparison pic didn't have the dark rubicon surrounds around the lights. With that surround on there it pretty clearly shows the difference and I for one still see green hue in your rough photoshop trimming.
  5. Warn Zeon vs. VR EVO winches - What's the difference?

    In your video you mention that the zeon synthetic rope has the red wrap overlay to indicate end of line, but I though it was also used as an extra heat barrier to protect the winch line from heat the drum may build up during use...any truth to this?
  6. ORACLE Oculus Bi-LED Headlight Upgrade for the Jeep JL / JT

    I've never seen a side by side pic showing 2 different production runs, I'd likely be pushing harder for a swap since this clearly shows some exhibit the green hue and some don't.
  7. ORACLE Oculus Bi-LED Headlight Upgrade for the Jeep JL / JT

    Look through this thread and others and there's plenty of complaints about the green hue of the headlights in certain lighting conditions. Posts 94 and 99 and onward show some of this.
  8. OEM Headlight Bulb Upgrade to Beamtech LEDs

    Same feedback with my beamtechs, going strong for about a year now.
  9. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    He had factory LED fogs, shouldn't need to get anything flashed. Sounds like it may be an issue with the light itself.
  10. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    I swapped in factory LED fogs in my for my halogen and had to get it flashed, they flicker a bit otherwise. 3rd party programmers such as JScan or Tazer can solve this too if your dealer quotes you high on it. I had them flash my fogs and aux switches at the same time and they charged $70+tax...
  11. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    You likely wouldn't. It could help a bit with aerodynamics and fuel mileage vs just leaving that area open though.
  12. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Awesome, I'm a sucker for repairability on camp gear, so great to know the burner is easily replaceable down the line. Thanks for the response and congrats on selling so many.
  13. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Hey Geoff, are you able to share what burner element you use on your unit? With it being the main part, I'm just curious before committing to the purchase. If you're not able/willing to share that no problem though. The rest of it seems to be top quality from what I can tell.
  14. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Hey all, saw this on FB, thought I'd share. Someone posted up that their friend had this knockoff bumper and the hooks bent forward on what they called a mild recovery attempt. So might be worth using your factory hooks instead of the ones included with the knockoff bumper. Kinda makes me...
  15. Doors leaking cold air

    This exact thing happened to me the other day but was with the driver upper vent. rotated it away from the window a bit and no longer an issue.
  16. The future of the Wrangler Jeep

    Regenerative braking from what I understand is most effective when traveling at speed and giving the system enough rotations of the wheels to properly build up constant resistance in the regen system. I would highly doubt that the extremely slow going pace and inconsistent braking of actual rock...
  17. Wranglers and hail

    no, but not all homes have garages, the garage may be full of clutter or projects, or in the better situation too many cars to park in said garage. Apartments and some townhomes often don't have garages included.
  18. The future of the Wrangler Jeep

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say marriage.
  19. Warn Evo VR 10s

    Another possible reason for failure could be that you're using the "winch in" button as "winch out". The line should be being pulled onto the drum from the bottom, not over the top, at least per the manual. Mine also came pre-spooled from the factory as shown in the image below.
  20. Oracle oculus upgrade

    They may have installed the fuse tap incorrectly. Do their halo's still work? if so, just the fuse to the cigarette lighter is blown and needs to be swapped.