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  1. Southeast fuel shortage...

    That number definitely does not include batteries.
  2. What gender is your Jeep, and...

    It is fascinating that people feel compelled to name vehicles (much less assign gender lol) I wonder if it comes from something imprinted in our DNA from back when humans depended on animals to help do work IE: horses, mules, ox and such. Or maybe it's just from having companion animals. Not...
  3. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Yup - just like the Rivian doing that roundy-round thing (which I can't see being an actual production option = looks out of control to me) You can turn 360 degrees in a skid-steer exactly like that, it will really churn up the ground.
  4. We're far from done with production hell

    I figured the 4xe's were using up Jeep's chip allotment since...electrification 😜
  5. 3.0 vs 2.0, it's Jeep time for Mongo!

    I think you are on the right track w/ forced induction. I thoroughly enjoy my diesel. Your results may vary. ;) Oh, there is also this: (56) 2.0 vs. 3.0 Diesel | 2018+ Jeep Wrangler Forums (JL / JLU) - Rubicon, Sahara, Sport, Unlimited -
  6. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    While anything is possible, I would say she’s planning to spring something significant on you, and now has this to hold over you lol
  7. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    This is called a ‘sh*t test’ look it up-
  8. 392 vs Diesel

    Kinda apples / oranges (or at least tangerines)
  9. 392 Experience So Far...

    These are the 'Good Old Days' in many ways :like:
  10. 4xe vs Ecodiesel... Help me decide!

    If you do not have faith in your dealership, I would think long & hard about buying either one. That being said, if you have more/shorter trips, the hybrid wins. Otherwise the diesel has advantages (but at a cost).
  11. Oil Cooler Failure JLU Ecodiesel

    Wow looks like they are building a space shuttle :surprised:
  12. Guide me here... I'm a life-long manual transmission driver & I am considering making the change to automatic only because I want the diesel! Crazy?

    PS: other than having to wring the crap out of the 3.6 to get it to run w/ the manual, I did not like shifting with my wrist - would rather shift with my arm.
  13. Guide me here... I'm a life-long manual transmission driver & I am considering making the change to automatic only because I want the diesel! Crazy?

    I used to hate autos back when they sucked (drove manuals for 40+ years) but they are very good now. Besides, the 6 spd I had back in 2013 was more like a car anyway. Whimpy pedal, short shifter, short throws not like a truck at all but to each his own-
  14. F47 fuse

    If you hit someone & it was determined you had disabled that ‘safety feature’ I am pretty sure you would be held liable.
  15. Wrangler 4XE Drive Modes Analysis

    I’m thinking a 4xe weighs more like 6,000+ lbs. ;)
  16. Does Electric Engine Provide Any Power Once Batteries are Depleted?

    HELLO! TFL? We need a tow video w/ the 4xe Stat!
  17. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    Wow 179 responses to this topic. Looking forward to asking the next 2Dr guy why he didn't get a 4Dr 😜
  18. Does Peugeot have a 'skateboard' EV platform?