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  1. Help with color choice crystal grey vs. snazzberry

    The red has a lot more character than the grey lol.
  2. What colors do you want to see on the JL/JT?

    I want to see more colors - including everything listed above! Not sure how it'll be received here, but I think they should offer a shade or two of pink as well. One to match chief blue, for sure. They could have a whole selection of pastels. I wish Mojito came back. When I bought my Jeep...
  3. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    Mine has about 4100 miles on it now. I've had my JL Unlimited Rubicon about 15 months. I haven't really been driving much because of working from home and no traveling right now. On the plus side, with so little driving, I do enjoy every minute of it very much! I mentioned the vibration at idle...
  4. Rubicon owners . Dash display

    I'm pretty sure mine says Rubicon.
  5. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    My 3.6 (auto) vibrates at idle, I usually run mobil 87 gas, sometimes shell. It's been doing that since the day I brought it home. I did notice mine idles a little bit smoother in neutral. It's a strong enough vibration that if I'm carrying cups of soda with ice in them, the ice will rattle in...
  6. Do Higher Trim Owners Look Down on us Sport/Sport S owners?

    Gotta show her all the buttons you have that she doesn't! hehe lol.
  7. Do Higher Trim Owners Look Down on us Sport/Sport S owners?

    I love all the Jeeps, doesn't matter if it's a Sport, Sahara, or Rubicon to me! Edit: One thought: Maybe the dude was really socially awkward. Or was caught off guard or something.
  8. Smoothing out the back edge of the front bumper?

    Ah thanks for the reply! I'm referring to the top back of the bumper. I thought the plastic wasn't painted! Hmm that's worth considering. Thanks :D Yeah I guess a sandpaper block is the best way. Thanks!
  9. Smoothing out the back edge of the front bumper?

    Any suggestion on how to do that? Sandpaper maybe? Every time I wash my jeep I accidentally cut myself on the edge of the bumper because it's hella sharp! Like I'll be wiping down the grille and accidentally bump into the stupid thing. It sucks!
  10. Which Oil Are You Using, And Why??

    That's exactly why I did it. It cost like $10 more than mobil1 but I was curious what purple oil looked like. Sadly I've never seen purple oil when I pull the dipstick. I can confirm that it goes in purple though! I think the right way to go is mobil1 or that pennzoil platinum or the 'gas...
  11. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    At this point, I would not be surprised if the 5" radio cost more to make than the 7"!
  12. Metal Oil Filter Housing Cap

    I barely tightened mine with the torque wrench. It felt like I got it on way more than tight enough before it hit like 10lb-ft. Maybe my wrench needs calibration? As long as it's not holding a suspension part I don't think it's an issue. I do check to make sure nothing leaked/sprayed out.
  13. Catalytic Converter Theft- what to do

    I'm wondering the same thing lol. Must not be a popular thing to do out here.
  14. Rock-Trac® Full-Time 4WD (safer on-road for teen?)

    The best part if you have an iPhone is, if you hold down the voice control button for a second, you get siri. If you hold it and tell it to play ozzy osborne, you got it! No need to poke at the radio at all. If you have spotify, then "play ozzy osborne on spotify". Done* I bet there's a similar...
  15. Rock-Trac® Full-Time 4WD (safer on-road for teen?)

    I'm going to go one further and say everyone needs better phone discipline :( I hate it when I am stopped at a redlight and everyone around me is checking out fb/twitter/insta. Then it causes this delayed conga line because the first person didn't notice the light turned green, then the person...
  16. Rock-Trac® Full-Time 4WD (safer on-road for teen?)

    I've heard before that it would be more ideal in the snow since it'll help you immediately instead of having to drop into 4hi. But I can't see anyone reasonably driving above the upper limit of 4hi in bad snow conditions where they'd need 4WD anyway? But I've never lived in a snowy area, so no...
  17. Dealership refuses to repair vehicle -- aftermarket lights connected to auxiliary switch

    That message usually comes up if your batteries are low. It sounds like one of the batteries may have died and the other charged it back up? And now your batteries are just continually not getting charged enough? Dumb question, believe me I'm not trying to patronize: did you try unhooking your...
  18. And it begins... (2021 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Rubicon - Sting Gray)

    Looks awesome! Great job :D Is it my imagination or are the antenna and the driver's side trail rated badge in the same spot? So when you put the badge over the antenna hole on the passenger side, it lines up? SWEET! I kinda want to do that now. And then just stuff an antenna up on top of the...
  19. WuHu Flu mask hanger

    If you get influenza, you'll probably notice the symptoms within 3 days. With covid it can take up to 2 weeks. Someone could catch covid and then go to disneyworld and infect a whole ton of people without realizing it. MERS and SARS can't be spread prior to exhibiting symptoms...
  20. WuHu Flu mask hanger

    Dude tell me about it lol. Back in February one of my coworkers got a nasty flu and came to work one day looking like he was about to die. He told me he just had a big fever "but it broke so it's ok now" and I was like OH HELL NO GTFO lol. We have great benefits where I work. You can work from...