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  1. JL Rubicon Front Drive Shaft

    2 & 4 door front are the same, and no JL & JK do not interchange.
  2. Rock Krawler or Icon

    I’ve been running the Icon stg 8 for a year now and it’s awesome. The adj shocks make dialing it in real nice. Street use, off road, loaded down or unloaded, rides and handles great.
  3. Brake upgrade

    I went with Baer’s big brake kit. I’ve installed several of them as well as the Teraflex kit and the Baer outperforms it. Now in all fairness they all performed about the same as stock at city speeds with the Baers having the best pedal feel, the big difference is at highway speeds, the faster...
  4. Has Anyone Installed Metal Cloak 2.5 Lift With Alternative Shocks.

    Im a MC dealer and have done this combo with a 3.5 GC lift and the King adj shocks and even on full soft I felt it was to stiff. I have installed their lift kits in several different shocks and like the Fox adj bypass shocks the best, just pricey. On my personal JLR I went with the Icon stg 8...
  5. 37’s and 6 speed MT + Stock 4.10 Gearing

    I spend more time closer to 80, and thats around 2700-2800 rpm. Once I get over 3000 the mpg’s start to drop.
  6. 37’s and 6 speed MT + Stock 4.10 Gearing

    Elevation is mainly between 1000 to 2500, occasionally up to 7000 ft. Freeway speeds normally 75-85, but my average is based on combined driving. 5th gear was worst on mpg unless going downhill and 6th was useless. Since regearing mpg’s are 16-16.5 and I can use 5th and 6th.
  7. Bigger lift and tires, struggling Trasmission

    I have the 3.6 and regeared to 5.13s, problem solved.
  8. Centerforce Dual Friction Engagement Point

    Jeeps hydraulics suck. I did the Centerforce DF last year and it did the same thing. Had to bleed it a week later to get the remainder of the air out. Then it was great. Took it in last month To the dealer to clear the recall, they installed the sleeve and said they bled it and the pedal was...
  9. 37’s and 6 speed MT + Stock 4.10 Gearing

    I went 5.13 and I also have the Centerforce clutch, drives great on an off road. 6th gear is useable again on the freeway and my mpg are back to stock. They had dropped to 11-12 with the 4.10s and 37s.
  10. Icon Vehicle Dynamics

    I normally carry about 100 lbs of tools and recovery gear, and a cooler when I go wheeling, cooler is normally 60 to 70 lbs when full. Springs seem to handle the weight fine, sometimes I just adjust the rear shocks a couple clicks stiffer to control the bounce better.
  11. Rugged Ridge Trekker?

    I’ve had mine since October, used once so far and it worked great.
  12. Rugged Ridge Trekker Winch

    I have the RR Trekker winch, have only used it once and it worked great.
  13. Urr2slo's Rubicon build

    I have about 6k on the M/T's and they have been great, no cons at all.
  14. Arizona Rubicon takeoff Bumpers and Rock Sliders.

    I still have 2 or 3 sets left.
  15. Aftermarket clutch for 6MT

    I have almost 5k on it, still great. Been off-road the last few weekends and it’s really nice in the steep, loose rocky stuff, just pick a gear and let it eat. Just keeps crawling where the stock clutch would allow it to stall. The heavier flywheel makes it so easy in the difficult stuff.
  16. Post Your RUBICON on 35's With a Lift

    Icon 2.5" Stage 8 Lift, American Racing AR926 Patrol Wheels 17x8.5, Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 35x12.5r17 tires.
  17. Clutch- durability w/ unintended abuse?

    My friend did most my install I just helped. He said it was more work than a JK but not bad. It was his first JL as well. Took us just under 11 hours, but we weren't rushing, made sure everything went back like it was supposed to. We also did the Magnflow loop delete and rock krawler catback and...
  18. JLUR Manual clutch slipping at certain RPMs

    I'm in AZ, N. Phx to be exact if your out this way. I had low back surgery 3 years ago and have had 6 knee surgeries as well so I understand what you mean. The stock clutch has no feel to it and is to soft, but I cant handle a stiff clutch either. For me the new clutch is perfect.
  19. JLUR Manual clutch slipping at certain RPMs

    The Centerforce is heavier than stock but not stiff, it has great feel to it, what I like to call as close to perfect as possible. First time I depressed the clutch pedal when I bought it I thought it had a problem,it was to soft and had no feel. I had the stock clutch for 6 months and had less...
  20. 6-Speed Manual Transmission no longer available, until fixed

    I don’t know much about the JK units, I drove several model years between 07 to 18 and it never impressed me, not enough to buy one, my CJ7 was just better it seemed. When the JL came out at first I was like it’s not much of an improvement over the JK until a friend bought one and I drove it...