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  1. Just got home from Bronco event...

    No, it was the four door. It might not have been a test drive though, but it was on the roadway in front of the dealership last night. My daughter and I have been looking at the Bronco Sports for the last couple weeks (she originally wanted a Ranger, until she saw the Bronco Sport), so I am very...
  2. Just got home from Bronco event...

    I saw one last night as we drove by our local Ford dealer, someone was test driving it. Only got to see it in profile, it was the four door version, and it was that off white/grey color (which my wife insists is blue). I gotta say, wasn't impressed. Best way to describe the look is...
  3. Shocks on backorder

    Was looking for a set of Fox shocks this morning on the Quadratec web site. It says Order Today, will ship after June 27th. Had a similar situation with an ARB Compressor and the delivery date kept being pushed back, month after month. I'm afraid it will be the same situation with the shocks...
  4. Are Sway Bar Disconnects a waste of time on a Stock Sport S suspension

    Thanks for the update. Best, -Tim
  5. Are Sway Bar Disconnects a waste of time on a Stock Sport S suspension

    Thank you to everyone who has responded, this is a big help. I think I'll try disconnecting the sway bar. Best, -Tim
  6. Are Sway Bar Disconnects a waste of time on a Stock Sport S suspension

    So you think there is enough flex in the stock suspension that disconnecting the sway bar will make a difference in keeping the wheels on the ground while going thru washouts on the gravel roads? Where I will be driving is a place where 15 years ago I couldn't get thru the washouts in a Subaru...
  7. Are Sway Bar Disconnects a waste of time on a Stock Sport S suspension

    Thanks for the replies so far. WreckEm711, I had not seen those. I like that design. If I go with disconnects, that's probably what I will go with. West Tex, I had looked at the Teraflex disconnects, but I've seen repeatedly where folks with stock Sport suspensions say the links are too long...
  8. Are Sway Bar Disconnects a waste of time on a Stock Sport S suspension

    I'll be taking our stock Sport S 2-door on a trip in a couple months, some of it over gravel roads in a hilly part of the southwest, and some of those roads have about a foot to a foot and a half deep washouts. My first thought was get some quick disconnects for the front sway bar. The more I...
  9. Trying my best not to..

    When we first got our JL I wanted to start adding and changing stuff immediately. Was talking with my older brother who has been into Jeeps for decades. He asked me, "You know what Jeep stands for, don't you?" "Just Empty Every Pocket." It's true, just part of owning a Jeep I guess. Enjoy the...
  10. New Bronco on display at Costco

    I was under the impression that the Bronco Sport was a rebadged Ford Escape. My daughter and I were at the local Ford Dealer Saturday, and she was looking at the Bronco Sport, and the ones they had on the lot were in the $28,000 range and the Escapes were in the $32,000 range. For what it's...
  11. Friend wants to buy a jeep to drive on the sand

    Did she really buy an Islander? How does she like it? Best, -Tim
  12. Questions on Build Sheet Listing, Springs

    Thanks Fixer. That makes sense. Best, -Tim
  13. Questions on Build Sheet Listing, Springs

    Just going back over my build sheet from 2019 on my 2-Door Sport S, and noticed in optional equipment it lists, Spring-Left Front, Spring-Right Front, Spring-Left Rear, Spring-Right Rear. Does a stock JL come without springs? Or is this some kind of spring upgrade from stock? Best, -Tim
  14. Two options for my Jeep replacement.

    I'd definitely go with the 2-door Sarge Green Sport S, but that's just cause I love 2-door Jeeps and I think the Sarge Green color on a 2-door is awesome. Best, -Tim
  15. Total loss for my Willys...but i'm fine.

    So glad to hear that you're okay, sorry to hear about your Willy's. It gave its life, saving yours. Hope your new one doesn't take to long to arrive. Best, -Tim
  16. Which was the first Jeep that made your eyes open really wide?

    When I was a kid in the 1960's, a 1967 Jeep CJ5, red, that my next door neighbor's babysitter drove. Looked pretty much like the one above. Thought it was the coolest vehicle ever. Best, -Tim
  17. What Made YOU Fall in Love with Jeep?

    Like Irish Creig, my love for Jeeps went back to being a kid growing up in the 1960's. Our next door neighbors had a full time baby sitter who drove a red CJ, usually with the top off (of the Jeep, not her), and she would give us rides in it to the local ice cream stand. Compared to all the...
  18. New Mopar steel bumper has d-rings for towing

    I think he may be talking about this bumper: Bumper, Off-Road, Front - Mopar (82215691AD) Best, -Tim
  19. Is it just me or the proportions on the 2 door JL seem off?

    Yep, it's just you. Sad really. Best, -Tim
  20. adjusting the clock constantly?

    Stupid Question, but how does one do a firmware update on the Jeep radio? Thanks, -Tim