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  1. North Carolina AuTOWbrake for sale $250

    I sold my wrangler and got a gladiator with the trailer break already installed. This works perfect and just out a new battery in remote. You can check out their website at This makes towing so much easier and mounts to the trailer and not the truck. I will ship.
  2. North Carolina 7 inch Uconnect entertainment system $600

    Hello! I recently traded in my JLU and I kept the 7 inch unconnect. It's like new condition and comes with the bezel. I am in north carolina. I can ship but would prefer a local pickup. Text only 984.999.8150
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I installed PRP seat covers (Daytona red) and the insaneaudio JL3001 9 inch head unit. Just like being in a completely different jeep now. Thanks @insaneaudio and @prpseats for an incredible upgrade on both accounts. (The backseat are running 1 day behind due to shipping)
  4. Clunk and Pop after control arms installed (FIXED!)

    Awesome! Same here on both accounts. 1. Dealership said "its a jeep thing". 2. Passenger side was good the whole time. Good job man and that 10 dollar socket saved you hours upon hours and multiple trips to the Dealership. (Not to mention those fake repair bills)
  5. Clunk and Pop after control arms installed (FIXED!)

    I'm not 100% what it was but was way less than it should have been. This shop also didn't realize that you should torque when the jeep is on the ground with weight on axles and not while in the air like you said. I was starting to think it was a drive shaft issue lol.
  6. Clunk and Pop after control arms installed (FIXED!)

    Thanks for chiming in! Perhaps both scenarios maybe wiggled their way loose.
  7. Clunk and Pop after control arms installed (FIXED!)

    Yeah I didn't even check after I got jeep back. Sounded like the axle was gonna explode lol
  8. Clunk and Pop after control arms installed (FIXED!)

    If this helps just one person, I'm satisfied :) so here goes. I installed a 2.5 in lift a year or so ago and all was well until I installed some lower control arms for better steering. Maybe a few weeks after installation, I noticed when backing down a hill, there would be this loud Pop...
  9. PRP Seat Covers

    Unfortunately it has to be done within 24 hours of placing the order :(
  10. PRP Seat Covers

    I purchase last week. 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Boo. But am excited!
  11. PRP Seat Covers

    Just buy ya a fire extinguisher and call it a day! LOL jk.
  12. PRP Seat Covers

    Has anyone tried to install heated seats under these (meaning over the cloth seats, but under the PRP seats?
  13. PRP Seat Covers

    I just ordered these in Daytona red vinyl. How are yours holding up after a year? Does the red rub off on clothes, etc? I had an order placed with at @Katzkin , but dealing with their incompetent customer service team made me cancel just shortly after order placement. I would never recommend...
  14. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Camping this week at the beach. The flag represents all lives lost fighting for our beautiful country (RIP, Dad) Have a good weekemd to all my jeep buddies!
  15. JLU pulling a travel trailer? No problem!

    This is the one I have Also, since my travel trailer was a little too low for my liking, I added a 3.5 inch...
  16. Does anyone have this grille?

    Yeah I think if you paint it the the color of your jeep, it could really pop. I have a black jeep so wouldnt stick out out much. But if you had a mojito or punk'n, it would look really good. Just my opinion.
  17. Does anyone have this grille?

    I appreciate the response...I was flipping back and forth since it doesn't give the traditional "angry" face. Perhaps it was the lights in the middle that drew me to it. Have a good one man.
  18. Does anyone have this grille?

    I presume you've seen them before in person since you've responded? ....or perhaps you might need to re-read the post again.