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  1. Jeep Ducked!

    21 pages.
  2. Who actually uses A/C?

    I absolutely wanted manual windows and door locks.
  3. Anyone take the T50 door bolts out and leave them out?

    I removed mine the day I got my Jeep. Never had a problem.
  4. question for the manual guys

    I don't how our Jeeps can all be so different. I'm running 33's on stock suspension and gearing and have never used 6th gear. Even at 75+ un the freeway 6th gear is useless unless I'm going downhill. Pulling a 1% grade in 6th is laughable. I would really like to re-gear.
  5. Cool Keyless Entry Feature

    I carry my fob in my pocket, so it's never an issue for me. I obviously don't think it's as large as everyone else does.
  6. Struggling with trading in my Z.

    I had to get rid of one of my dream cars because of a divorce and got my JL. I miss my Hellcat every day...

    I can't speak to this brand, but check out EAG tube doors on Amazon. They are priced really great and have adjustable latches. I love mine. They seem to be built really good too.
  8. Suggestions for fitting Rubicon wheels on a stock 2020 Sport?

    You don't need a lift to put Rubicon wheel and tires on. I don't have Rubicon wheels but I'm running 33's on stock suspension with zero problems.
  9. New 2020 JLU Engine Replacement 2.0 Turbo

    I wouldn't be too concerned with the replacement engine. It sounds like the dealer is doing everything possible to make the situation right for you. If you ordered the Jeep exactly the way you wanted it, I'd let them put the new engine in and enjoy it.
  10. bumper thoughts
  11. My soft top is now Hurricane Rated

    Mine actually sat out during the storm last night as well. That was a pretty weak storm! My soft top was fine too. It stayed in the garage during Dorian though!
  12. Am I the odd person out for wanting/preferring a soft top?

    Those are the exact same options as mine! :fist bump:
  13. Lucky Devil - Bright White Unlimited Rubicon EcoDiesel (JLURD)

    You have some amazing skills! Very impressive!
  14. I haven't waxed since last April

    I can't say that you're a bad owner, but Jeep or not, I wax every vehicle I've ever owned. I feel that I pay too much money for these not to take care of them.
  15. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    Finally had some good weather.
  16. Tube doors

    The weather was finally nice enough to put on my tube doors. I'm really liking them so far.
  17. New Jeep Owners: What was your last car, and WHY JEEP?

    I had a 2016 Challenger Hellcat before getting my JL. Lost it in my divorce or I'd still have it. Also helping my Dad build this:
  18. Arizona owners - please check in!

    I hear you! While I love the beach (especially the Atlantic), nothing beats AZ in my opinion. Once I get back there I'll be staying for good. If/when I'm able to retire it will be somewhere in AZ!
  19. Best place to take pictures in the Desert?

    You might also want to think about taking the trails to Crown King. It's just outside of Phoenix and you'll get some great desert pictures out there.