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  1. Mullins JLU Sport S Build

    Got a key fob from AJT design. Getting the battery in correctly was no joke - probably took half an hour. So far, I like the size and shape way better.
  2. Mullins JLU Sport S Build

    Changed out the antenna to a Rydonair 13". Has some weird times where volume gets low or I pick someone else's radio up. It seems ok, but not great. I will leave it because I usually use a different media source, but I will keep the original in the garage just in case. Also, removed the silly...
  3. Mullins JLU Sport S Build

    Hi! Still relatively new to the forum and am loving getting ideas and insight. This Jeep is the 5th I have owned; including two Cherokee's and two Wranglers - but not in order. I haven't ever been able to get make one exactly what I wanted, so I am hoping to do that with this one. Would have...
  4. JL 33” tires small lift - Pictures Please!

    33's and small Mopar lift.
  5. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    New to the forum. Got my black Wrangler last Sunday. So far, I love it.