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  1. Florida Jl Rubicon suspension take off for sale.

    hi , sorry for such late responce, ive been working long hours . yes all is still available.
  2. Sold my Rubicon

    Thqnks , Its great , I knew to check the fuses when my radio kept loosing power ! 2 fuses completely loose.
  3. Florida Jl Rubicon suspension take off for sale.

    0 miles Rubicon suspension , came off hard top with steel bumpers. With Trac bars. $100. Mopar lift front lower control arms. New. $ 75. Rock rails. $50. Saddle tan leather rear seat. $100. Local pickup only, palatka fl
  4. Sold my Rubicon

    I have access to lots of private property to ride on , thousands of acres actually. I'm very fortunate there. But most the rebel can handle. Don't get me wrong , I miss the jeep already. However I needed a pick up for hauling things to this property. And I have a boat, I actually hooked it to...
  5. Sold my Rubicon

    Me too !
  6. Sold my Rubicon

    I really like it, its my 40 th new 4x4. About 20 chevys , 15 Ford's , and 5 th dodge . the ram has got the power, ride, and pulls great. Its the some of same quirks as jeep. Mostly in the uconnect. Not even close to chevy in that department. Fuel milage sucks. Chevy is a solid 3 mpg better...
  7. Sold my Rubicon

    I think so, and it drives great. That's why I posted it. It got a ton of compliments .
  8. Sold my Rubicon

    Yeah, I know. I actually have a friend who moved out to Montrose co area, we were gonna get homes near each other and hunt, Off road, explore etc. He beat me out there by a year and I have been trying to cheer him up all winter He just told me about 3 weeks ago its been a heck of a vacation...
  9. Sold my Rubicon

    Too late.
  10. Sold my Rubicon

    Thank you sir !
  11. Sold my Rubicon

    No I'm buying acres and building a smaller home. Keeping my friends instead of jeep and a place around Montrose co. I will still make a trip or two west, Catchy tune ! Lol
  12. Sold my Rubicon

    Its all good, thanks !
  13. Sold my Rubicon

    Ram rebel, life is about choices. Down sizing 3 to 1 to buy a couple hundred acres in the country and build a smaller retirement home.. I built jeep to retire in western Rockies. But I decided to stay in florida where I have a lifetime of friends.
  14. Sold my Rubicon

    Forgot picture.
  15. Sold my Rubicon

    I traded my Rubicon, it's on lot in Ocala fl. It's a 2020 2 door pretty much loaded. 6 sp manual Mopar lift with rock crawler perches. 4.88 Yukon, rock crawler teak bars lca,s., amp steps 11.35s. It truly drives great. 15, 000 miles. They are asking 41, 000. It makes me sick but I had to...
  16. BUYERS BEWARE...3.0 Diesel...JeepDOESNTCare

    Seriously, if you can't find someone to delete all that crap. trade the junk. Get you a gas engine jl. New diesels suck.
  17. Cobra 75 CB

    If none of the above works take it to a good CB shop around a truck stop. They will check modulation and tune it pretty cheap. I've had to replace brand new cheap China coax before. Or if someone you know has a magnetic mount antenna you can borrow. Put it in middle of hood just to see how it...
  18. Powered side steps

    I don't know really. I gave dealer a list of add ons ant told them price they had to match. Maybe they are the same as a 2019. They are great , but my jeep doesn't know what a rock is.
  19. Powered side steps

    Amp .Steps work great. I've been running them since 2014 , 3 sets on 3 vehicles. No issues.