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  1. Does the Gladiator seem just 'meh' to anyone else?

    it's NOT a WRANGLER so I don't have any interest in it...
  2. Where to get Gladiator Grill Inserts?

    A Gladiator forum? ;)
  3. Jeep wave at Gladiators?

    I wave to Wranglers.. not Renegades , Cherokees, Grands or Gladiators.. I have cousins I don’t wave to as well ;)
  4. Getting codes without going to the dealer

    Nothing to worry about unless the CEL is on when the motor is running .. as far as the oil , I would get that to the correct level
  5. Getting codes without going to the dealer

    Are you in RUN with the engine started?
  6. First time Jeep owner

    Looking good!! Congrats

    If it was like that when it was at the dealership.. I hope you didn’t buy it
  8. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL Don is one of our awesome sponsors .. Great Quality
  9. NO military discount on 2020 JL

    It will come around .. it always does
  10. Joined the JL family

    Welcome & Enjoy :like:
  11. LOD Destroyer 2Dr Rock Sliders

  12. NEW JEEP emblems with Skulls

    hahaha! you're probably right about that
  13. Issues with V6

    You may want to take it in and have a tech look at it, it might just need a re-flash
  14. Battery & Alternator Required for Winch

    Exactly, a stock battery is not meant to be drained like a deep cycle battery, so keeping rpms up around 2k to 2500k while the winch is working will allow the alternator to supply the required juice without really tapping your battery..
  15. 305/70-17 no lift

    yes II have no rubbing, haven't noticed any difference between the "E" & "C" , running 28psi
  16. 305/70-17 no lift

    The tires side by side dismounted was noticeable taller and wider by 1/2" each way and to get ride of the BFG AT's .. worth it .. I think so , much better stance and don't have to worry about rubbing when I go off-road