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  1. It's a Jeep, not a "car".

    My kids used to see other Jeeps and say, "Daddy, there is a Jeep, but its not a real Jeep like yours". hahaha
  2. It's a Jeep, not a "car".

    It drives your nuts? :CWL::CWL::CWL:
  3. Mojave Wrangler Reportedly On The Way

    Same, I want the the thicker tubes, bump stops, shocks, lift, knuckles... all of it. I would be first in line to trade in my current Jeep.
  4. Any Atlanta Jeepers out there?

    Im in Lilburn as well, what part? Ive probably waived at you in my Granite Crystal Sahara.
  5. Guess I should have ordered a Ford Bronco!

    I just use the next beer bottle to open the current one, when I am actually drinking bottled beer. Canned beer seems to be so much more in vogue these days... Im not complaining unless I dont have any.
  6. Hardtop Removal Options?

    I just did the same thing. Works great. When you lower it back down are you worried about flexing the top? Do you lower one side at a time? I realize it’s only a few inches. But I hear stories of people glass exploding out of the back window and I worry flexing the top, even slightly, could...
  7. Rear End Damage - repairable or total?

    The frame not bent, thats just a crumple zone. Seriously though, hoping everyone is safe. Another example of how well these vehicles hold up in a crash.
  8. Saw this on my equipment listing.....

    Both my 18 & 19 Saharas have been over 100.
  9. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    My front door recognizes when I am not home and then when I get close to the door it automatically unlocks. At least it did, now I have the same on the garage door, now I disabled auto-unlock on front door. Yale locks seem to have great reliability so far. Can program codes for different...
  10. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    Same, wife drives a Kia. Backup vehicle is safe! lol
  11. Who actually uses A/C?

    Move to Atlanta and try to sell it without AC. I use AC with top on and top off. Depending on the weather I could use heat with top on or off as well. Just nice to have if you need it. Maybe San Diego 75 and sunny all the time would be ok... Or Alaska...
  12. Georgia Sahara wheels and tires

    These are the stock Sahara rims, so they are 18"
  13. Georgia Sahara wheels and tires

    Yes they are.
  14. Had my first death wobble.

    Death wobble nooo fun in traffic. In no traffic it still sucks too. Doubt its the wheel balance weight. The dealer will replace your steering stabilizer with another useless one that masks the issue for a while. Also trackbar could be replaced by factory and wont solve the issue permanently...
  15. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    I havent tried to weigh everything yet, I had 18" wheels, guessing I lost some weight from 18" Sahara to 17" Gladiator Upgraded Rubicon wheel... Should make up for the tire difference, some, I guess...hope...
  16. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    ha, Im not saying you are crazy, just the weirdness of the situation. I checked before and after as well and have seen zero difference to MPH from dash to GPS.
  17. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Thats crazy, OP reported his sport was off by 4 MPH.
  18. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Also, when going from stock Sahara wheel and tire (32" tire) to the 285/75 r17 (34" tire) shouldn't my speedo need adjusted? Before the change my speedo always matched exactly to Waze and Google Maps. After the change it still matches exactly the GPS speeds. Seems like I should be a couple...
  19. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Anybody know how much the stock Sahara rims weigh? I went from 18 Sahara to 17 upgraded gladiator rubicon wheels. Stock tires on those are bigger than JL. 285/75r17. So curious if it’s a wash or if I picked up weight.
  20. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Same for me with the Falkens, although I may drop down to 32 ish. Keep em at 35 or under when they warm up.