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  1. Wind noise. But different.

    Thanks and it is horrible. I did search but didn't find something like this one.
  2. Black or White JLU?

    Colours are definitely personal choices. I was down to the same choice as you, Black or White. In the end I chose black for one main reason. Unlike most cars the interior trim in a Jeep does not cover every bit of paint. So if you choose white, red, yellow, whatever, you see that colour in the...
  3. Wind noise. But different.

    Wranglers have wind noise. I get that and I am ok with it. But this is a different noise that I get at higher speeds and typically if its a little windy. Its not continuous. It's not every time its windy. I hear it about once a week. but it is loud and irritating. Has anyone heard the same or...
  4. Sahara The Luxury Model?....Almost

    So power seats and auto wipers tarnish the lineage but all this stuff does not? Proximity entry. Parking sensors and camera, blind spot monitoring, a great infotainment centre, nav, CarPlay, acoustic front glass, heated seats and steering wheel, dual climate control, a power sliding top, full...
  5. Sahara The Luxury Model?....Almost

    Yes I believe so too but the Wagoneer is not a Wrangler. My wondering was why haven’t they added a few more basic everyday options rather or in addition to some of the less standard and more technical options that were added to the new JL.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    If you meant easy to “put” on then yes. It took 10-15 minutes.
  7. Sahara The Luxury Model?....Almost

    Driving my JL Sahara home today, which is fantastic by the way, I was wondering why Jeep didn’t finish it. The Sahara is positioned as the luxury model of the Wrangler lineup. Well It’s as close to what you get or should expect from a Wrnagler in terms of luxury. But I’m wondering why didn’t...
  8. Third row seat?

    This is one of the reasons why I hope one day Jeep builds this extended concept. A third row would fit nicely with additional storage. A
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Here is a pic of the screen. The lower portion is slightly visible but has not caused any issues.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a Master Series Rigid Tire Cover from Boomerang.
  11. Tire Covers

    Received the tire cover last week from Boomerang and installed this weekend. Easy to do. Fits well and no issues. No issues with back up camera view. I ordered the master series rigid cover paint matched with stainless ring. It comes with lock and key included. Pictures aren't the best but looks...
  12. Cracked Windshield Club

    3 weeks. 1300 kms, Crack! :angry: I am all for clubs but didn't really want to join this one!
  13. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    Ok. So I tried it without my dingers wrapped around the handle and it worked well. Just need to keep those pesky dingers out of the way! Cheers and appreciated!
  14. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    ok thx for tip. will try that.
  15. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    From reading this thread it seems like the issues people are having are with delay in unlocking their vehicles. Maybe I have missed it but does anyone have issues with delay in locking. I have had no issue with unlocking. However, it takes between 5-10 seconds to lock using the button on the...
  16. How long did it take for your JL to be Delivered?

    51 days from order to the dealer.
  17. Tire Covers

    My opinion is that 99% is looks. Maybe a little protection from the elements but doubtful. I prefer a more clean and subdued look while others prefer a more natural look or have a need to show the world how big their "wheel and tire" is.
  18. Tire Covers

    Back from Asia now. I picked up my Sahara two days ago. I will write a separate post on that but this should tell you my first impressions :like: So how about this for customer service. The president of Boomerang gives me a call when I am in China to discuss my order. Not once but he called...
  19. Tire Covers

    Absolutely will do. I will take a bunch of pics. Just not sure when it’s going to show up!
  20. Is a Wrangler your first Domestic Brand Vehicle Purchase?

    No....but I have only owned two others. A big mix actually but leaning more German. In order starting in 1983 with my very first car. 72 Toyota Corolla SR5- good first car 72 Triumph TR6 - What a terrible but such a fun car 79 Jeep CJ5 Silver anniversary - 1984 Corvette convertible - rattle...