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  1. Moab Downfall

    We've been to Moab many times and agree that it has become quite overcrowded; Even in the summer months. While on the trail in Silverton a few years ago nearing a narrow turn we stopped to let oncoming Razrs pass before entering the turn. The Razr behind us sped up and passed us nearly causing...
  2. Best Colorado Trails for Leaves Changing

    Anything near Ouray or Silverton.
  3. Visiting Moab in early August

    We did Top of the World in 2010 with our stock Sahara. I don't know how much it's changed but you should have no problem. We did stack rocks occasionally to get up some of the higher steps. Make sure your a/c is working well!!! Have fun!!
  4. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Drove to the top of Hurricane Pass out of Silverton, CO. Snow, snow, and more snow!!!!
  5. Stock JL Sport 2 door. Will it offroad?

    Yes. You can even move trees if you have to!
  6. Altitude. I just don’t understand why?

    This is real altitude: These are 4 of the 14ers we've hiked in Colorado
  7. Florida Free JLUR items

    Yes, still available.
  8. Florida Free JLUR items

    As the posting says: free local pickup only. I investigated shipping last year and it is prohibitively expensive due to the size and weight.
  9. Florida Free JLUR items

    Front plastic bumper (minus fog lights) and rock rails. Free local pickup only. Ocala, FL.
  10. Kia Telluride or Rubicon?

    say what?????:whew:
  11. Florida Roll Call!

    Installed one of these over the weekend. Looks really cool! I honestly think it reduced the wind noise some.
  12. Lost Navigator voice feedback

    Had the same issue. Dealer replaced the entire Uconnect/Nav unit. Make sure the dealer notifies SiriusXM to transfer the 1 yr. trial. I had to talk to 3 different people at Sirius to convince them that I didn't change vehicles, just the radio.
  13. Colorado in July

    We've spent many summers in Silverton and they usually have the trails open by July 4th. They use D9 Caterpillars to plow them. We'll be there the last 10 days of June. This is Corkscrew in June of 2015.
  14. Auto Start/Stop in Florida is the worst...

    It's not the heat: It's the HUMIDITY!
  15. Having a manual sucks

    We had ordered our JLUR with the cold weather package because we go to Colorado every summer and it gets cold up in the mountains. It gets pretty cold in FL in Jan & Feb as well. Unfortunately when our order was placed last year was when Jeep was having delivery issues and nobody could tell us...
  16. NJ "Luxury Tax" surcharge on vehicle price > $45000 and EPA rating < 19 MPG

    To avoid this "luxury tax" move to Florida. No state income tax either! Otherwise vote out the liberals in NJ.
  17. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Happy Saturday everybody! We're heading to Silverton, CO. in June. Can hardly wait. Hope all that snow melts by then. We we're there several years ago and most of the passes weren't open until after July 4th!
  18. Nav voice guidance issue

    I had the same issue with my nav. Dealer ended up replacing the entire unit. If your dealer replaces yours make sure they notify siriusxm about the change. My dealer didn't and I had a heck of a time getting Siriusxm to activate the new one and transfer the trial period. The new unit works...
  19. What does everybody do for a living?

    Happily retired since 1999. Prior to that Branch manager for an Industrial distributor of mechanical/electrical power transmission equipment, contract administrator for aircraft engine components manufacturer, contract administrator for valve manufacturer for nuclear and coal power plants.