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  1. 4xe back seat mounting: same as standard JL? Compatible with Armorlite flooring?

    I have been unable to get into a 4XE, I had a friend doing some stuff with Jeep but it would have put him in a situation. But I hear they are hitting dealers, I will keep an eye out. Now I compared the picture above with my JLUR which has the tray and not cup holder and it looks the same at the...
  2. 4xe vs Ecodiesel... Help me decide!

    I did a 10 hours drive in a diesel and it is by far my favorite Jeep driven to date. I was up there on speed and still managed 26 mpg. The torque range is outstanding.
  3. Armorlite JL Floor System

    Just emailed our engineering team for an update. Will post that and let you know.
  4. 4xe back seat mounting: same as standard JL? Compatible with Armorlite flooring?

    Waiting to get a call and see if my opportunity is going to happen but I don't want to get this guy in trouble, so its not looking good. I do plan to check into some dealers as I hear there are some on the floors already. If the tunnel is an issue like was brought up then it will be a no go. But...
  5. Jeep Adventure Academy Austin/San Antonio Event at Inks Ranch

    I heard that the house in the middle is for rent as an AirBnB type property, not sure what that allows you as far as the rest of the property.
  6. Jeep Adventure Academy Austin/San Antonio Event at Inks Ranch The next Llano one will be next year, there is one in Amarillo later this month. Don't hesitate to attend a Jamboree. My first time rock crawling was at a Jamboree event. If you can follow a spotters instructions they will tell you if your jeep setup...
  7. Jeep Adventure Academy Austin/San Antonio Event at Inks Ranch

    Yeah I drove that Mojave in the California Desert since I HAD to test drive it after doing the flooring install. It was cool, the shock valving for high speed offroad was exceptional for a factory platform. As far as magic.. you can try this. 1. Match the cost with a gift card to her favorite...
  8. Jeep Adventure Academy Austin/San Antonio Event at Inks Ranch

    Just for the event, the land is adjacent to Enchanted Rock and this portion is privately owned. There is a local Jeep club that might access outside of the Jamboree events.
  9. Jeep Adventure Academy Austin/San Antonio Event at Inks Ranch

    Glad you liked the event, we are one of the sponsors along with Bestop. You should register for the Jamboree out at the same spot the hard obstacles have bypasses and the trail guides are great, its another opportunity to learn and build your confidence with your Jeep.
  10. Thank you so much, have a discount.

    The tan was developed prior to us doing the JL model Jeeps, I believe the newer models have a darker more brown leather. I don't have a good picture of the combination to show you yet sorry.
  11. Thank you so much, have a discount. Our Jeep Jamboree promo is ending, but I have loved the feedback and interaction with this forum that I wanted to extend a promo just for y'all. So follow the link above or use the promo code jlwranglerforums10 to get 10% off your purchase of...
  12. Beadlocks

    I drive our demo vehicle all across the US with Method bead locks. Lots of highway speeds and trail driving. Never an issue, they are balanced fine with 37" Toyo Open Country Tires.
  13. Are you stimulated?

    Well I am on the other side of things as I work for a company that benefits from this. We have a jump in sales every time a new stimulus goes out, and as a new brand that came out right when covid started I think it helped us survive, gives me a job as well as the guys who work in the warehouse...
  14. Off-roading with a manual transmission?

    With older Jeeps you can use a throttle knob to raise your rpm then feather your clutch out and treat it like your gas pedal. I haven't looked into anything like this for a new model. If I were to be crawling at all I would not want to roll back, I have noticed the manual guys have a harder...
  15. Armorlite JL Floor System

    Sure thing, if you decide to order what we have, we make a point to email customers who bought those portions and offer a discount for the rear section when it comes out. We are working on the JK cargo right now then will do the JL cargo next. But either way we hope to get your business.
  16. Armorlite JLU Jeep

    I personally attend a lot of events and drive around the country meeting shops, I currently do it in our only demo vehicle which is an '18 JKU Rubicon. Since we want to attend more events and I only have so much time we are building another Jeep, this time a JLU Rubicon. Long time friend of...
  17. Armorlite JL Floor System

    Hey Guys, The JLU Rear cargo area will be coming this summer. We are working on replacing all carpet, wheel arches, seat backs as well as the floor. There will be a standard drop in cargo mat like we offer the JK but also a full coverage package, with some added storage we are designing. I...