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  1. Need help planning a Vermont camping trip

    not sure when we r planning just tryin to get some ideas
  2. New York FS: Tazer Lite

    where in NY are you?
  3. New York FS: Tazer Lite

    Have you ever used it?
  4. New York JLU Premium Soft Top $1,100

    Any interest in a possible trade for a hard top?
  5. Traction board mounting

    Looking for a good spot to keep my traction boards. I know I've seen the option for the rear window, but was looking to keep it close to the tire or the tailgate. I don't have a roof rack and don't plan on getting one so that is out. Was wondering if anyone has an ideas or has done anything that...
  6. New York 2018-21 Wrangler JL/Gladiator Parts

    Any pictures of the ace bumper?
  7. Need help planning a Vermont camping trip

    Hey all just trying to plan a trip up to Vermont to do some wheeling and camping. I know there are a lot of the class 4 roads up there, just not really sure where to begin with them. Our Jeeps are decently modified nothing crazy though, so trying to have fun but be able to make it out without...
  8. New York Synergy Sector shaft brace

    Rather a local pick up
  9. New York WTB sunrider soft top

  10. JLU Sport build Ocean Blue

    Also I did start an instagram page for the Jeep. Go check it out 914x4_jb
  11. JLU Sport build Ocean Blue

    New bumper finally. So found this MP Concepts Aluminum Rubicon bumper on ExtremeTerrain as an open box item for pretty cheap. I love the look of the stock steel Rubicon bumper but the prices people are selling them for are insane. A nice plus about this bumper is that i was able to keep the...
  12. Tire Carrier help

    perfect thanks i'll try them out.
  13. Tire Carrier help

    Are those longer? And was looking for another because this on just has the tire sit really high.
  14. Tire Carrier help

    Currently I am using the rugged ridge tire mount and a hinge brace with the 35inch tire. I'm looking for a good tire carrier that I don't have to do hinges on just yet. Also very much need to fix the bump stops. Does anyone have any suggestions for this i was looking at the terraflex one but i...
  15. Pennsylvania FS: Mopar Lift LCA's(Longer)

    How much would shipping be to 10710?
  16. What's needed to mount the Rubicon steel front bumper on my Sport?

    I really don't see that coming up as an issue with this bumper. Maybe the mount to the skid plate but that about it.
  17. New York WTB sunrider soft top

    Looking for a sunrider soft top in the NY,NJ,CT area
  18. Montana Am I crazy?

    I have the auto 3.6 with 35s on a Sport S. I've heard nothing but good things about the 4.56 on the auto, but for the manual I have heard things that the 4.88 may work a little better. As for the warranty that's up to you some dealers are fine with things and others will give you a hard time...