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  1. 2018 JL price deal

    Congats on the new ride, enjoy it! If you don't mind me asking, what dealer did you get it from? I'm still debating wether to get a 2018 MY or order a 2020 MY
  2. Does this lease offer seem real?

    Does this lease offer seem real or fake? 199$/ month seems way too low! I have never leased a vehicle before, so idk whether it's real or there are some hidden fees.
  3. Another one...Sport S vs Rubi

    I'd say go with the cheapest, but if you are planning to keep the vehicle for a long period of time, then 5k isn't much since you are going to pay 48k
  4. end of 2019 orders and start of 2020?

    I was told by two different dealers that the new 3.6L eTorque engine is actually available on the rubicon! For the sport and Rubicon, you can choose one of three engines, which are: the old 3.6L engine, 2.0L engine and the new 3.6L eTorque engine. And as for the Sahara, you can choose either...
  5. end of 2019 orders and start of 2020?

    It's only an option for the Rubicon and the Sport, but not the Sahara as it comes standard with it, which really sucks!
  6. end of 2019 orders and start of 2020?

    I just don't get why the Sahara only comes with 3.6 BSG engine as a standard engine!
  7. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    They added the e-torque mild hybrid system
  8. Recommended Dealers List

    I have heard that 2020's ordering have opened up today? Anyone can confirm?
  9. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Any updates on this group buying? Found a dealer that is willing to do this?
  10. Help! 2018 Sahara!

    How do I approach the dealer in order to get it for $36k?
  11. 2018 JL price deal

    Has anyone gotten 20% off msrp on remaining 2018's? Would dealers actually sell you for 20% off msrp?
  12. Help! 2018 Sahara!

    I am currently looking for a 2018 Sahara in the area of Philadelphia, and I don't mind driving up to 3 hours if I find a good deal. How much should a basic 2018 Sahara cost me? I have found one close to where I live with MSRP $45,000 and listing price $38,000. Is the $38,000 a good price for a...
  13. How much percent off to aim for on CPO jlur w/ extended warranty?

    Do you mind sharing the dealerships that have these kinda offers?
  14. 2018 JL price deal

    In your opinion, what do you think is a good price for a '18 Sahara? I'm actually looking for one too, and wondering what's a good deal for it.
  15. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    I'm in Philadelphia, count me in!
  16. How much should I pay?

    I am not from the US and have never bought a new vehicle from here, and I'm currently in the market for a 2019 Sahara. I have found one close to where I live. The price is $44,225 (MSRP) and it is listed at $37,080. How much can I negotiate off of it? And what's a good price for it?