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  1. 2 door rock rails

    My buddy had a knee replacement last year it didn't look fun
  2. 2 door rock rails

    No worries if you want them I'll hold on to them you come get them anytime you want if next week's no Good, the week after just let me know when you're coming LOL
  3. 2 door rock rails

    I've never shipped anything LOL let alone something that big wouldn't even know where to know where to begin
  4. 2 door rock rails

    They are in perfect condition I don't have pics of them off the rig
  5. 2 door rock rails

    I'll do 175 I think that's fair
  6. 2 door rock rails

    I have a set from my two door Rubicon they were on it about three weeks I'm in Windsor Ontario
  7. JL Rubicon Bright White Owners Please Post Pics w/ Aftermarket wheels & Tires

    Pro comp 17 by 9 1/2... 35/12.5/17 toyo Open country
  8. Warranty

    I repeat your jeep was not made in Canada no Jeeps are Made in Canada
  9. Warranty

    the Wrangler is NOT made in Canada its made in Toledo Ohio
  10. Finally got some wheels & tires 35/12.5/17 toyo open country MTs on pro comps no lift

    thanks I was looking at that. do you know if I can run the stock rubi shocks with that lift?
  11. Finally got some wheels & tires 35/12.5/17 toyo open country MTs on pro comps no lift

    Yes I was stock before the 35s, it feels more planted seems like it has less body roll but it takes a little more skinny peddle to get going.
  12. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Thank you I got lucky and found a guy on face book looking for stock rubi wheels & tires so I traded him straight up. like I said I got LUCKY
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Are those 33s or 35s?
  14. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    They aren't saving anything they are scratching your front lip. sand and rocks get trapped under them and they are only held on with a plug so they wiggle around
  15. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    Wait till he takes them off for the first time and finds out that they are scratching the shit out of his front lip. And they look ridiculous.