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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Same! I'm replacing the fenders now and disconnecting the turn signal lights was frustratingly difficult! I ended up breaking the entire connection on the passenger side because I couldn't work it lose....SMH. Oh well, time to do some redneck wiring lol
  2. Jeep Production Plant Closes Due to Coronavirus

    The other frustrating part of this to those of us in the car business is that "for the protection and safety of our workers, we are closing the plants which means they will no longer build any vehicles. But we fully expect the individual dealerships to continue selling cars to hit their...
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I have them on mine, and also have the BSM system. No issues at all. They are a pain putting them on, and wouldn't you know it, 1 week after putting them on, my reserve light went out lol...oh well
  4. JLU (4DR) Selling black factory cloth seat covers

    Are these black factory cloth seat covers still available? Interested if so
  5. Florida 2019 JLU Black factory cloth seat cover take offs. NEW

    Do you still have these?
  6. Connecticut Seat covers (OEM) Sahara JLU

    PM Sent if still for sale!
  7. Florida WTB- wrangler JL hardtop

    Shoot me a PM if you would. I am in Savannah and would consider this if we could get it worked out.
  8. Dealers Who Did/Didn't Service JLs bought elsewhere

    I am the Director of Jeep Homeland, a cool off-road track built at a Jeep dealership here in Savannah, GA. The store is part of Step One Automotive Group who has 5 CDJR stores across Georgia and the panhandle of Florida. Any of our stores will gladly service a Jeep or any other vehicle...
  9. DIY switch Pod for JL wranglers

    This is awesome! I have the Aux switches from factory, but would still love to do something like this for any "extras" that may come down the road. Great job!
  10. Florida For Sale: JLU Black Hard Top

    I am closing on the sale of our home Nov. 8th. If all goes well, I am very interested in this if it is still available at that time. In Savannah but would be willing to drive down to FL to meet you somewhere. Let's keep in touch.
  11. North Carolina Black 4dr. hardtop w/freedom panels - no windows. $400 obo

    I am about 5 hours away in Savannah but am considering this. Work at a dealership, so lack of windows not an issue. Just trying to figure out how I could make it up there
  12. Jeep Backbone Security Cover Mods and Tips

    Have you looked into the Diabolical, Inc Slipstream cover?? I run one and you can easily swap tops without messing with the cover at all.
  13. Custom Jl sound bar

    I spoke with Sal at American Soundbar and he said theirs should be out by end of year. They are a great, veteran owned company and have an incredible product for the JK already.
  14. Show off your DIY painted dash

    This looks amazing!! We are building a tribute Jeep as a fundraising project for a veteran's assistance nonprofit. This would look killer in it!!
  15. JL 2 Door and TJ Slipstreams

    Exciting news!! There will be a lot of happy Jeep owners very soon getting some early Christmas presents!
  16. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    This came straight from one of the Katzkin marketing reps. I had a meeting with him a few weeks ago and he said these codes should now be available when ordering at the dealership. I just looked and it is not yet an option on the build site on
  17. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    Since the leather seats are an option only in the Rubicon and Sahara models, you won't have to pay that normal upgrade plus this package. As far as the other options, leather is stand alone in the new JL, so you won't miss out on anything else. Only in the JK did they include the Leather with...
  18. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    Hey guys, let me give some clarification. These options are now available WHEN ORDERING your new JL or JLU!! MOPAR is charging roughly $1750 (price does/can vary) for the upgrade, but you can get it on ANY trim level. Some dealerships will say pricing is a little over $1000, but be sure to ask...
  19. From KZ to Nashville?

    Hey Guys, I work for a Jeep dealership and wanted to provide some insight. KZLD means that the vehicle was released for delivery, but the "D" stands for delayed. There could be any number of reasons the vehicle was delayed, but we have seen it be for small issues that the plant wanted to resolve...