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  1. Differential oil change

    how much of the Mopar friction modifier did you use?
  2. California Evo Track Bar (used for a month)

    Is this Still available?
  3. Utah EVO Track bars

    Hey are there still available?
  4. California Evo coilovers

    that's a deal on coil overs too bad you can't buy just the brackets from EVO
  5. Florida MOPAR LED Headlights - $550

    might be interested in these! I have the factory halogen headlights and I've been wanting to upgrade those
  6. EVO MFG Trail Roof Rack Installation / Review

    it’s still on there site but I’m sure if you call they can hook you up. Every time I’ve called they’ve always been helpful!
  7. Rear rotational knock from differential at low speeds.

    Had a similar issue with my 2018 JLU Sport with the 44 with limited slip. From what I’ve read the rear diff wasn’t assembled correctly and the bearings start to wear. Took it to the dealer they never heard of it but replaced the diff and bearings took a while for parts but by the time mine was...
  8. North Carolina Front and Rear Fenders - From Sport Altitude

    what part of North Carolina?
  9. EVO MFG Trail Roof Rack Installation / Review

    Might have to pick me up some of those! How did you mount the lights on the corner and run the wiring?
  10. New York EVO Rear Shock Skids

    Would you be willing to ship?
  11. Colorado KC Hilites LED Gravity Pro 6 Pair

    Are the lights ready to ship or do you still have to pull them off? I can buy the harness from KC if I need them as long as the lights have the adapters attached
  12. Colorado KC Hilites LED Gravity Pro 6 Pair

    I have my pod lights wired to the factory aux switches and I used the harness that came with the pod lights so I’m thinking they should be able to be spliced together if I just remove the pod lights
  13. Colorado KC Hilites LED Gravity Pro 6 Pair

    Did you use the harness at all or just tossed it? I have some cubes on my A-pillar and considering buying these if you’d ship them
  14. California Mopar tailgate table

    Still available?
  15. Pennsylvania CMM Mirrors - Barely used - $220

    Are these still available?
  16. South Carolina Roll Call

    welcome man! Post up a picture! Maybe planning a trip to Uwharrie or gulches here soon!
  17. EVO MFG Trail Roof Rack Installation / Review

    Where did you have paint start to peel at? And what areas are starting to rust? I’ve had mine on since November and haven’t had any paint issues. In my opinion the install wasn’t too bad was just repetitive and the vibration could be one of the bolts being loose after I installed mine I took it...
  18. South Carolina Mysterious noises

    Went wheeling on Saturday, nothing too extreme. But I did notice when the suspension would articulate something would make a noise, got out a couple of times and checked, the springs were all seated correctly, checked all the control arms, shocks, track bars and sway bar links everything seemed...