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  1. Battery Stats

    If you have the tow package the main battery is 700 CCA (at least that's what I got in the 3.6l manual) Part nr is 05033394AB
  2. Front Door repair - which parts

    Last attempt if anybody has some ideas before I had to the dealer...
  3. Front Door repair - which parts

    Got the driver door seriously bent in the wrong direction (own stupidity) and got some dents and on the door next to the hinges and on the upper side next to the window where also the paint is broken. Options are either to get the current door fixed and painted or get a new door shell or if...
  4. Finally a smaller key fob

    I like the approach Volvo took with including a sport key as 3rd key ( which is only sbout 1/3 of the notmsl key. Works only with keyless though but perfect for sport.
  5. Windshield Antenna?

    The European DAB+ antenna (instead of the US HD radio) would make sense to be integrated into the windshield. If thats the difference having it should not be an issue even if not used in US.
  6. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    I had no problems installing the ROAMs without jacks.
  7. How Can We Help?

    Hi, I am looking to find the part number and order the Instrument Cluster for a Rubicon but with kph and not mph. Would you be able to help?
  8. Instrument cluster kph

    Thanks will do that. Saw the part on the display but would be looking for a speedometer in kph as well.
  9. Instrument cluster kph

    Looking to find the part number for the Instrument Cluster for a Rubicon but with kph and not mph. Anybody that could help where to look it up?
  10. Rear seat covers for under child seats

    I am using those and so far they do the job.
  11. After Program Review/Feedback

    Sooo, tried again playing around with the DRL's today and it seems I am stuck in what @Rhinebeck01 called "if you choose Canada DRL you will have issues programming the DRL's" What I am trying to set: DRL's, always on, on lowbeams. Started playing around but I don't seem to be able to select...
  12. After Program Review/Feedback

    Started playing around with mine today and have some questions. What is the difference between canada and usa drl? I was not able to change the drl to the low beams instead of the halo rings. Basically any option I tried still resulted in the halo rings as drl. Anybody has changed this yet...
  13. Snow tire size Rubicon

    It's for further up north during the winter months. Mostly on roads with snow/ice though. Agree that for NJ the KO2 would absolutely work.
  14. Snow tire size Rubicon

    I know not necessarily the time to look at snow tires... Looking for a dedicated snow tire set for the rubicon with Nokian snow tires. What size would you go with? Looking at 285/70/17 (oem) - lt2 tires 275/65/18 32.1 - r2/3 suv tires 265/70/17 31.6 - r2/3 suv tires
  15. “First Gear Shift Not Available” Warning Chime (M/T)

    Get it as well in my JLUR (built in May) when accelerating in 2nd and hitting 3500 RPM. Chime and warning. Agree that the ratios don't seem ideal for the road but I guess it's also a getting used to it and adjusting the shifting points.
  16. Rear Cargo Area Dog Cover

    I ordered the one from canvasback. Without the sides for me but it could be added.
  17. FS: Mopar all weather mats

  18. What are your plans regarding the recent "delay" with your 2.0 order?

    Not as bad...:) I didn't end up buying from the same dealer as this one had nothing in stock that came close to what I was looking for. I may try the dispute on the credit card charge - to my understanding they may actually not even getting the jeep I ordered as the 2.0 will be replaced/cloned...
  19. What are your plans regarding the recent "delay" with your 2.0 order?

    Was biting the bullet and took a 3.6 off the lot last week as I needed one by end may. Was lucky to find one with specs I like but 750 usd price increase on me and 500 usd lost deposit doesnt seem right 16 weeks after I ordered... Havent heard anything from FCA - they are are pushing it from one...