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  1. ?4 Cold Climate Diesel Owners

    If it’s below 20F I try to plug mine in a couple hrs prior to startup. Easier on the engine and the defrost works much quicker.
  2. 4200 Miles, and zero oil

    My 3.0 is at 3200 miles and I topped it off a couple weeks ago with 1/2 qt. But a short stick is picky. You need to perform the check while parked on a very level surface. Readings change with a pretty slight slope.
  3. Where is the engine block heater cord?

    This is a poor picture but it’s way in there.
  4. Where is the engine block heater cord?

    I could never see it from above or below either. I plugged into it by bending the wheel well liner up quite a bit after removing the two rear plastic retainers. Then pulled the orange dust cap and plugged in the cord by feel. The well does pop back into shape when done. The only time I ever...
  5. Can I run 285/75/17 BF Goodrich KO2 with Mopar 2" Lift on a Sahara?

    I have a JL Sport diesel with no lift and 285/70x17s fit fine. If your going to do much off-road I would add the lift.
  6. Where is the engine block heater cord?

    I bought my cord online as well 62 bucks included shipping. The mopar cord will reach the front bumper if so desired. I also followed the dipstick tube upward then routed forward from there. It’s cable tied to the bumper and I kept it short so I don’t think it will move much on the road.
  7. 2020 JLUR Diesel Curb Weight

    Weighed my JL Diesel Unlimited Sport today. 4860 with Rubicon tire and wheel takeoffs 285/70 x 17 KO2s. All 5 tires probably add 85+/-lbs over stock. ThisJL also includes the Rock Jock towbar plate (maybe 50 lbs) and the hardtop. Fuel just over 3/4 full.
  8. Diesel flat tow base plate

    2021 JL diesel Sport. Mounted Rock Jock towbar plate today. Fits well and very solid feel to it. Link for instructions Attached. One man job. Took my time and a short break, 3.5 hours.
  9. RockJock (Currie) Tow Bar Base Plate

    Mounted a Rock Jock tow plate to my diesel JL Sport today. Took my time as I was on my own. Took me about 3.5 hours. And you do have to cut about 3/8” x 10“ of metal off each end of the steel bumper liner inside the plastic bumpers. This allows the RJ to set into the bumper onto the frame...
  10. Anyone towing with their Diesel?

    I just did the drive a couple weeks ago so air temperatures were in the 40s most of the trip. Maybe 60 degrees heading out of Mesa. I drove 220 to 17 to 89 to 20 in Utah then 15 on up to MT. 1245 miles. I like this route much better than via Vegas. More scenic very light traffic. But I did...
  11. Anyone towing with their Diesel?

    I have a 2021 JL Sport Unlimited 3.0 with Rubicon takeoffs (285/70x17 KO2s. Towed a 2200 lb trailer from Mesa AZ to Great Falls MT (1300 miles) last week. Ran 65-70 mph most of the way averaging 16 mpg and the engine temp never rose above 205. Mostly just below 200. Spent a lot of time just...
  12. Rubicon takeoffs on a Sport (before-after) pics

    2021 Sport Unlimited diesel Sarge Green. 2021 Rubicon takeoffs 285/70x17. At the dealership all five for $541.
  13. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    2001 Z06, 2008 Corvette base model, 74 big block 454
  14. Lessons learned - setting up a JL as a TOAD - long read

    Captain Skip what is the height measurement from floor to clevis mount on the rock jock?