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  1. Is lock code needed if i buy new 7" radio?

    Looking at upgrading my 5" radio to 7". I found the radio and bezel new on mopar parts. Will they send me a lock code if I order. Or will i not need one at all being it's a new radio? Thanks for your help.
  2. Texas 7.0 Uconnect/Bezel/Lock Code. 550.00 Shipped. Climate control available as well at additional cost.

    Very interested how much for the whole set up with climate controls. Send me a PM if you would like.
  3. Door lock illuminated

    I figured it out was a bent pin in the door harness
  4. Door lock illuminated

    Should my drivers door locks and mirror controls be illuminated when headlights are on? Passenger side locks are illuminated but not driver. Is this normal?