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  1. Minnesota SOLD

    I bought some dirty life wheels, just liked them better.
  2. Minnesota SOLD

    5 ea. Quadratec Recon wheels, Gunmetal Gray. Richmond, MN. No shipping. specs here: Used for about 10 months, were plastidipped gold. A couple very minor scuffs from the Bighorns, but very good condition. Had 35’s mounted both with...
  3. Minnesota Brand new premium soft top JLU

    If that falls through, I'd be interested. PM me if he doesn't buy it. Thanks
  4. Quadratec QRC Side Armor for JLU

    I went with Ace Engineering sliders and reinstalled the factory rails. I like the setup and I had no issues, but a lot of people have trouble with the body mount bolts.
  5. Quadratec QRC Side Armor for JLU

    They worked great both as steps for my kids/dog and good protection for a body-mount style. I did the Bighorns Jamboree and a couple trips to the badlands with them, they definitely held up to the trails there. Hardcore rock crawling wouldn’t last long, but they supported my JLUR more than once...
  6. Quadratec QRC Side Armor for JLU

    Also you can pick up in St. Cloud. I work at Camp Ripley and live near St. Cloud. Hopefully a fellow trail runner can take advantage.
  7. Caution: Broken Body Mount Bolt When Installing Frame Mount Rock Sliders / Rails / Sidesteps

    I put mine on last night, had no issues on my 2019 JLUR. Bought a Dewalt 20V MAX XR 1/2" Impact since I already have their drills and saws. All 6 bolts came out with minimal effort on my part. $190 for the tool v.s. $150 to the shop and now I have an impact in the toolbox :rock:
  8. Quadratec QRC Side Armor for JLU

    Quadratec QRC side armor for JLU. Swapped out for ACE sliders. Normal trail rash on the bottom, they did support mine in WY in the rocks. You pick up, Little Falls, MN, a six pack is welcome.
  9. Minnesota Bought Rubicon Wheels and KO2 Tires (5)

    I will be in a month or so, need to install my lift first. Will have approx 8K miles on the tires at that time. St. Cloud area.
  10. Few pics from 1st day at SEMA

    Thanks for the name, found them on the web. Italian company, no real distribution of JL stuff in US as of now, but a few forum members have their stuff. I think I'll be waiting on the new Trektop that folds all the way down. Thanks again for the response.
  11. Few pics from 1st day at SEMA

    That last pic, mojito jeep with tan tonneau, is that an actual bikini top setup? Who makes it?
  12. Bronze Wheels on JL?

    What plastidip color is that? Exactly what I want, but can’t tell from their website.
  13. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    What size ammo cans are those? I have some .50 Cal ones, but they are too wide to fit next to the rollbar.
  14. Minnesota JLUR Bumpers and Rock Rails

    I'd do $125 for the rails.
  15. Minnesota JLUR Bumpers and Rock Rails

    JLUR Rock Rails and Plastic Bumpers for sale, includes front red tow hooks, no sensors. Taken off at 100 miles, no scratches. $200 for all. St. Cloud area.
  16. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Driving is a very subjective test, I would go to a different dealer and have them check your box for specs attached. At least it is an objective measurement of how much play is in the gear lash.