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  1. Has anyone hauled 8ft lumber in their JL 4dr

    Like many others I’ve hauled many 8-10’ lumber on the tailgate with the window open. I actually have a cut piece of pipe insulation that fits right over the tailgate edge I just throw on there when I make a lumber run.
  2. Dog hair removal ideas?

    Lilly brush works great for us.
  3. License Plate mount for Winch Bumper with Hawse fairlead?

    I was going to mount mine with the above mentioned flip up brackets but ended up mounting it to the lower skid plate that hangs below the bumper. It’s not the most visible thing but I haven’t been hassled for it yet.
  4. Opinions on Hartop Headliner?

    That will look great. 3/4 should fit but it will be close on the front latch.
  5. 2nd row Dog seat cover for JLUR

    Same as above. We got tired of moving the first one we got from Amazon. Picked up another from Costco I think for the other vehicle and both work well. Holes in both for seatbelts
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Put the finishing touches on my homemade tailgate table. It’s got it’s flaws, but since I already had all but one latch from the hardware store laying around, the price was right.
  7. 3.5 Inch lift with 33/34-inch tires?

    Yes. Still loving it. I have not had a chance to really push it off road yet but I’m super happy with it so far.
  8. Sleeping in the back

    We do quite a bit. Usually we only camp back there for 2-3 days at most. I’ve found a full size Colman air mattress inflates back there well and our bags fit in the front seats pushed forward all the way for sleep space. Things like a cooler, camp chairs, and a tote for the odds and ends spend...
  9. Rancho 2-3.5” sport lift a good option?

    Yes, they provide a 2” bump stop extension that bolts to the spring perch on the axle and contacts the factory bump stop.
  10. JLU Sahara Rock Crawling build?

    Tempting.. but like you I think my next jump is to rubi axles. Besides, I kind like taking pride in making Rubicon’s look silly with my open diffs for now lol.
  11. JLU Sahara Rock Crawling build?

    Yes they will work. From my understanding most have been buying the factory harness for the lockers and using that to wire them into an aux switch that way they have the connectors and wiring to the axle. That’s my plan once the Jeep’s paid off. Harder to find a decent used set in the Midwest...
  12. JLU Sahara Rock Crawling build?

    Welcome to Jeeps! A Sahara or sport will do a lot more than you would imagine with carful lines and good driving. If you love the one you have nothing wrong with building it up. Rubi take off axles are a good option if you decide you want the bigger axles/lockers and they seem to be pretty...
  13. Rear fender flare removal?

    I used a stump to remove mine once, quick and easy 😂
  14. Red Rubicon or leather wrapped Sahara dash with dark saddle seats?

    Hop over here and trade one of these guys looking for your grey one
  15. Gray Dashboard on new Rubicon factory order?

    If you had to get red I’m sure there are plenty of people out there with a sport that would trade. Hell, Im not even looking for one but after reading this thread if a buddy really wanted a grey dash I’d trade my grey for red just since it would work with my color lol.
  16. Choices! 35s, Lift, or Winch?

    Spend money on mods that will help you get out of trouble BEFORE spending money on mods that will help you get into trouble..
  17. Rancho 2-3.5” sport lift a good option?

    Both front. No problem, better to have it all done right the first time
  18. Rancho 2-3.5” sport lift a good option?

    I couldn’t tell you what brand. It’s 3/4” I’m sure any brand would do.
  19. Rancho 2-3.5” sport lift a good option?

    I got pretty close to 2” all around. 9000 shocks. So far I like 2-3 on the street for daily driving, haven’t had a chance to eat wheeling settings yet.
  20. Rancho 2-3.5” sport lift a good option?

    So I installed the lift last weekend. I did end up putting a 3/4” spacer back in the front to level leaving a nice 1/2” lower difference between the front and back. Instal was smooth and the instructions were thorough. I am completely stock besides what comes in the kit. The front axle is...