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  1. Tailgate Release Handle

    All good brother. Happy to help. I don't have specs on those. I had a random selection of those rubber push throughs and just found one that looked the right thickness. I grabbed a bit that matched the size and pushed it through. These types of rubber grommet push throughs can be picked up at...
  2. TRMS (Trail Rail Management System) finally arrived!

    I think the rails are a great concept and will have great use. Definitely agree that you could do some cool stuff for dive tanks too. I do think they should have sold a package and included all the parts with a little better options at launch though. I'm loving the Raider Rack for the back...
  3. TRMS (Trail Rail Management System) finally arrived!

    How did you attach the molle bag? I’ve got some molle pouches I’d like to attach.
  4. Raider Rack System: Interior Storage for Tailgate

    Loving mine. Now I need to find more stuff to attach.
  5. TRMS (Trail Rail Management System) finally arrived!

    Not sure yet. I got the big one and three smalls. Totally steeling the cup holder idea.
  6. TRMS (Trail Rail Management System) finally arrived!

    Was just about to buy a TRMS and found this post. Thanks for sending me in a totally awesome new direction. Including cup holders!!!
  7. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    I’m 6’0”. I just got back from three nights in it. Had most gear in the front seats with my Yeti in the back. I’ve also slept in it with my wife twice. She’s 5’3”. We definitely needed to spoon with bent knees but still cozy. Yeti went outside for that.
  8. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    Ha! They finally got around to making one. That’s who I had asked if they had plans but they said no so I ended up making my own. Looks cool and easy to store. That said, I’ve really liked the thickness of the one I made. I’ve got a good 20-30 nights in it now.
  9. Hard Top Squeaking?

    After camping this weekend the squeaking rubber seal developed in the same spot everybody indicated. Have other successfully eliminated this with silicon lubricant?
  10. Jeep Wave or Lack Thereof

    Where are you in Maryland? I get about 80-90% whether I’m in my wife’s 2 door JK or my JLUR. I’m in Columbia.
  11. Trail Rail Management System Thread

    It also has a module that attaches to the back swing gate that will facilitate hanging/connecting of accessories. There is a plastic insert you just pop out that is then replaced with the module. It is even labeled "Trail Rail Ready".
  12. Accessory Aux Switch Wiring Help

    Yes, those black ends should be removed for the one you are using.
  13. Removing or Keeping Decals on Your JL?

    No. My focus was the unlimited and Rubi stickers.
  14. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    I’m hoping for aftermarket or eBay on this. The cost to ship from Mopar direct is insane.
  15. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    Just bought the one. I only want to block direct sunlight in my face as it comes up. If i'm camping I'm likely getting up to do some breakfast or getting up to skydive so I'm just trying to buy a little time, not a lot.
  16. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    Got the same ones you got today. Returned the other ones. The cloth ones are great.
  17. Tailgate Release Handle

    No, it remains locked and will not open. Solves both breaking in and safety while driving issues.
  18. Tailgate Release Handle

    I put it in my post: I initially tried the plug port in the pics but didn’t have the downward angle I needed to release. So I drilled a hole in the plastic and put a rubber grommet in the plastic. I kept the picture to match the description. Hopefully that wasn’t confusing.
  19. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    Don’t know this will be a first. I figured I would just put these in the direction of the sun. I usually want to drag myself up to jump anyway. Unless the head is hurting.
  20. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    Hrrmm. Those seem nicer. These are okay fir the money. Less then $11. Yours just seem nicer. These don’t cover the whole rear panels because of their elastic toppers. Comes with a bag that fits two of them. Probably acceptable I guess. Are yours actually a fabric? I do like the heat reflecting...