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  1. Does gear brand matter?

    See my previous post about re-boxing. Yes you can find Dana gears in a Yukon box but that is the exception not the norm. It is only done to fill gaps in product lines. The shops are recommending different brands because the more you work with one company the better prices and service you...
  2. Options for front axle shafts

    You can't use the stock inners with 1410 outers unless you are only talking about the FAD side inner-inner.
  3. Air compressor

    Maybe not in 1 duty cycle depending on what you aired down to. But it will air it up eventually.
  4. Sliced 2 BFG KO2s 10 minutes apart on Arkansas trails

    That's fair. Nothing to debate, if OP said he was looking for some wheels and you recommended trail worthy I wouldn't disagree with you, they are good wheels. Agreed, cheers.
  5. Sliced 2 BFG KO2s 10 minutes apart on Arkansas trails

    Guy that works for a company who makes double sided beadlocks recommends double sided beadlocks Not saying you're wrong but he already has the wheels
  6. Sliced 2 BFG KO2s 10 minutes apart on Arkansas trails

    And that's true if you don't run beadlocks. 10 ply tires like to be in the mid to low single digits and that might be too low for non-beadlocks depending on what type of wheeling you do and how careful you are. But you have beadlocks, so just keep dropping the pressure until you get the kind...
  7. Sliced 2 BFG KO2s 10 minutes apart on Arkansas trails

    Why are you running KO2s with that sort of terrain? Get some better tires in an E load and you will be fine. You can run E load 37s at 5 psi on asphalt for short stints I do it all the time. If you switch to 37x13.50 ridge grapplers I think you will be very happy.
  8. Spicer FAD removal

    I don't think it's a great value for what you get. $100 basically for a coupler and a block off plate. It still retains the 2 piece inner shafts which may or may not be a weak point. I would get a new one piece inner shaft (yukon part#YA W38841) and a cavfab block off plate. Together those...
  9. "4WD SERV" warning light override

    Wire your lockers to your factory aux switches if you have them, or aftermarket switches, using part#77072413 That will prevent any software logic from preventing you from using your lockers. Then as far as 4wd. It is not the transfer case preventing engagement as the op suggested. It is...
  10. Recommend Steering components for a JLUR on 37s.

    Drag link/tie rod: Fusion4x4 Track bar: Currie rockjock Ball joints: 10048946
  11. How Important is Torque for Off-Roading

    Engine torque is only important if you have a manual transmission and not enough gearing. Then it can help you crawl without stalling all the time or having to slip the clutch. With an automatic OR if you have deep enough gearing with a manual, then it doesn't matter. Dude the rubicon has...
  12. Ultimate Dana 44 Axle install notes and pics

    100% plug and play with the factory connector. You only need the mopar harness if you want to hook the locker up to aftermarket switches (or the OEM aux switches).
  13. Ultimate Dana 44 Axle install notes and pics

    You don't need that for a UD44 it is direct plug and play with the rubicon. You only need it for aftermarket lockers using the factory rubicon locker switches. Good product though I know some people have been waiting for this.
  14. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs. Off-Road Pickups

    Those are all good vehicles and will get you through most of the trails we have in so cal with a few mods here and there. So just go test drive all of them and get the one you like the most. ZR2 is the most capable out of that bunch and the ones that will struggle the most are the 3/4 tons...
  15. JLU sport, MC 2.5”, 37” tires

    Tire weight mainly taxes your load-bearing components. Ball joints, unit bearings, rear axle flanges. Tire diameter and grip is what taxes the spinny stuff on the inside. The larger the diameter of the tire, the more leverage it can exert on your drivetrain. Larger diameter tires also have a...
  16. Ready or not... 2020 High Altitude JL / JLU build & price is here

    There are people who say that about all 4 door models. That a real Jeep is 2 door and 4 doors ruined the brand. But the 4 doors sell like hot cakes, and because of economies of scale, that brings the price down on all Jeeps including the 2 door. Anything they can do to increase wrangler...
  17. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    Hopefully the sensors work out for you. RCVs are one option if you want to go all out, but I gave you a Yukon part number in an earlier post that just replaces the FAD shafts with a 1 piece unit. You can re-use your stock stub shaft and joint (or replace the joint for $50 extra if you want)...
  18. Ready or not... 2020 High Altitude JL / JLU build & price is here

    Well call me a hater of haters I suppose. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. There's a lot of junk on this forum and I think a lot of people should be more careful before casting shade on angry grills or 20s since their stuff is just as bad or worse. Where are the hardcore jeepers?
  19. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    I would guarantee it, see my first reply to this thread. Everything is fully mechanical besides the FAD. And since your 4wd works when everything is cold for some reason, we know it's not a driveshaft or axle shaft that is broken. It is just the FAD refusing to lock the shafts together for...