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  1. Looking for pics of 2" Mopar lift with 33's

    I have the automatic and am fine with stock 4.10 gears. Mine is not a DD'r and I refuse to put money into the Dana44's. I will upgrade, one and done. Haha, good looking setup BTW
  2. Looking for pics of 2" Mopar lift with 33's

    Other than having to buy a raised receiver to keep the tow bar level, haven't noticed any difference.
  3. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Ready to leave camp for this mornings John Bull Trail Jeep Jamboree Big Bear, Ca.
  4. 392 Dana 44 axles beefed up for 392?

    They might have changed the tube I.D. FYI, back in the day if you wanted a strong tubed D44. Chevy 3/4T trucks had a 2.75 O.D. tube with 1/2" thick walls vs Jeeps 2.75 O.D. with 3/8" walls.
  5. Any RV parking tips for Big Bear Jeep Jamboree

    Tip: Reserve early. Haha, I found out the hard way there are few NP campground close by for RV's. $31 isn't the problem finding a none reserved one is. I 90+% boonie camp and not liking what I'm seeing on Google Earth. my only experience with attending Jeep Jamboree's have been in Wyoming and...
  6. Rear fender rock damage!

    My non-painted rear fenders are taking a beating but not noticeable from 3 foot away. Painted fenders should not be an option on Rubicons IMO. Wider axles are worse than saharas and sport models.
  7. Gladiator grill on JL install

    Yep, simple swap but only part of a system IMO. more air in more out and a true CAI
  8. Air Compressor Options

    Almost two years and I have gotten a lot of use out of a ARB twin hard mounted (M.O.R.E.) behind drivers seat. A must for 37" tires and with 100% duty cycle, blowing trail dust out of interior or air filters is a bonus. Someday I may get arounfd to mounting a small tank where the suitcase sized...
  9. 392 Dana 44 axles beefed up for 392?

    Nice. But welding cold rolled metal to cast metal is out of my comfort zone. Heard to do right you preheat cast metal and cool slowly after welding. Sounds tough to do unless the axle was stripped and on a stand. I'm more of a simple R&R guy now. If itdoesn't bolt it on, it's not going in my cart.
  10. Factory leather seats in "Dark Saddle" are actually really light tan?

    They look hideous! Your really should swap to my black Rubi seats. I'd do it straight across even.
  11. New Rubicon yesterday. Hardtop freedom panels look unfinished inside,

    Yep, special Sourdough Biscuit edition...
  12. Thoughts on Jeep Life after 4 months

    Yep, pedal to the metal, balls out twisty mountain road fun. 10 yrs ago nice NA's were a dime a dozen around here and I had two. A '91 @ $2G and a '94 @ $3G before minor mods. Drove'm like I stole'm and never had an issue. I've owned, mod'd 19 motocycles and 55+ vehicles. IMO and experiences...
  13. What psi are you running your 37s??

    I'm no expert, HAHA, don't listen to me. My 37x12.5r17 Cooper STT Pros have 35K+ and have even wear at 30/31 warm. Discount Tire does 5,000 rotations. I always ask the tech/service guy, who measures the tread, Hows it looking? Last time in he mentioned it should go to 50K + safely at this pace...
  14. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Honestly, If this Bronco had been out when I ordered my JLR I would have had a long, hard look at it. I don't wheel extreme trials and I think the 35" tire model Bronco would have been a good fit for me. Now the only thing that will get me out of my JLR is a J6. I love this concept and it...
  15. 392 D44 axles, where's the beef

    Thanks for replies. I just found a thread that covers the 392 front axle pretty well and agrees with info being posted here. I hope the Rubicon selectable FAD can swap into the 392 auto FAD housing. Looking forward to swap threads into non-392's. Cheers
  16. Any RV parking tips for Big Bear Jeep Jamboree

    1st time Big Bear experience and looking for advise on where to RV camp for the duration of Jeep Jamboree event.
  17. 2021 Gladiator rollover death

    I know W.Camino Cielo Rd very well. 8 miles west of Hwy 154 is several miles past where pavement ends at the gun Club. 35 MPH in a Gladiator tops. No report of alcohol was made. One article reported the young man was not wearing a seat belt and partially ejected. The other just said he was...
  18. 2021 Gladiator rollover death

    Local news and the only local trail near me.
  19. Jeep Outing in the Santa Ynez Mountains

    Local news reported a death on W. Camino Cielo road Sunday. 2021 Gadiator