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  1. 35" tire questions

    With a 35” tire it’s not an issue to get the reinforcement. I don’t run any kind of reinforcement just the relocation bracket and extended bump stops. Most people on these forums have done the same thing. There are a few who will say you definitely need the reinforcement but it’s not many. There...
  2. Soft Top - Did I Do It Right?

    I do the bracket last. I find it easier if I line up the top rear corner then do all the green tabs then lastly snap the bracket in place. If I try doing the bracket first it always seems to pop out on that bottom corner anyways.
  3. Soft Top - Did I Do It Right?

    Watch the video from the 16:30 mark.
  4. Soft Top - Did I Do It Right?

    Looks like you have some of the green retainer not locked in from that picture. That green piece should go under the entire way and should be no gap. Make sure each side window on the bottom is clipped into the retainer and the rear window should latch to the side windows to hold them in as well.
  5. 35" tire questions

    Went to Home Depot and got dishwasher hose and some stool rubber feet. Check out this thread
  6. 35" tire questions

    I run a black rhino Barstow and Toyo open country 35” tire. I use the RC relocation bracket and extended the spare tire bump stops so it is tight against the tire. No issues for the past 1 1/2 years running it this way. I wheel it regularly at Raush and AOAA as well as my kids hockey stuff...
  7. Pros / Cons of spacer lift?

    I’m running the 2.5” RC spacer lift. Only thing I did was buy the correct length shocks as I wasn’t happy with the extensions. I run Raush and AOAA regularly and have had no issues with this. I’m only running 35’s. No alignment or caster issues after install.
  8. 35’s with 8 speed transmission and 3.43 gears

    I could be wrong but I think you would be in 6th gear at those rpm’s. I’m at around 2200-2300 at 75mph and if I have to give it some gas to pass I usually hit 2800-3000 rpm’s when it drops to 6th.
  9. 35’s with 8 speed transmission and 3.43 gears

    I run 35’s on my sport s. I can hit 8th until 72 mph. After that it stays in 7th for the most part. I dropped about 1mpg both highway and city but I’m still averaging 17 city and 19 highway which is good for a jeep. I wheel it regularly at Raush creek or AOAA and have had no issues with the...
  10. 15 inch rims on JL Sport

    15’s won’t clear. If I remember correctly you can’t even put on the 16’s. Don’t quote me on the 16’s but I am positive on the 15’s.
  11. Sunshade

    I run the shade idea and I was able to install mine without having to unbolt the windshield. Not sure about the alien shade. Windshield or frame has a seal on it so no water will get in.
  12. Sunshade

    Stops the interior from fading much quicker as well. Main reason for me is to stop the direct sun when the top is down. Wait until you have a 90 degree day and that sun is beating on you. You’ll understand why people get the shades.
  13. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Here’s the -18 9.5 Black Rhino on 35’s on a sport.
  14. LED tail lights

    I know there are a few of is that run these. Good price and haven’t had issues with them yet.(knock on wood)
  15. Offset? BS? Need some help

    Here’s 35x12.5x17 on a 9.5” wide rim with a -18 on a JLUS.
  16. How to clean scrape off steel bumper?

    Try this stuff. I had a few scratches on my mopar side steps from wheeling and someone recommended this. Couldn’t tell the difference if you didn’t get close and see the scratch indentations. Try it somewhere out of sight first to make sure it will match.
  17. Budget build advice

    This is what I was referring to. Most national chain shops won’t mount the 12.5 on a the stock rim. The 315 they will because most tire manufacturers only call for the 7.5 with the 315.
  18. Black Rhino Wheel Experiences?

    It’s just the RC 2.5” budget boost 35x12.5x17 No regear still running the 3.45. I get 16-17 city 18-19 highway and I’m fine with that. Don’t see 8th gear above 72mph unless I put it in myself. Anything below that I can get 8th consistently. Does well with the wheeling as well. I don’t do...
  19. Rear End Damage - repairable or total?

    Here’s one that I think was worse than yours and it was repaired by insurance.